Image editing features of My Merger

My Merger is provided by Allpepole website software for editing a merger of various media files, can form a variety of ways to support the merger, here to introduce image editing features.

With the continuous improvement of quality of life, most of us during the holidays, when people will go to participate in various activities, or call a few friends together to travel! With more places where we’ve been, we have a computer inside the photo, the more often we are looking for recent photos have read for a long time, and see themselves dazzled. Well, this time you can use MyMerger ,merge our photographs together which is  in different locations at different times, and then in the form of a slide show. Of course, you are free to edit the order of arrangement of the photo. If you took this picture when interesting things happen, you can also add photos in the corresponding text description, so that even many years later, you recall, the original picture, the scene will be vividly, like has just happened!

Some people here would certainly say that the photo can be classified parts folder. This, of course it is also possible, but there is a feature, not a build folder you can do — that is, after editing the picture, we can play at the same picture again, coupled with our own favorite music, or your own voice files! Such image editing features not seen it!mymerger

If you want to learn more about Media Mergers features, please click here software for all people at allpepole!


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