How to use My PhotoEditor

As a non-professional pictures landscaping staff prior to beautify the pictures, we should understand how to use our image editor. At present a lot of photo editing software in the market, here we have AllPepole’s photo editor, for example.

First, download and install a good photo editing software in the company’s page. At the time of installation, the system will automatically create a shortcut on the desktop, so easy to use, we usually can be quickly found.

Then You need to open the software, there are two ways to open. The first point is that we should point to the picture we will edit the beautification, right-click and select Open, select Open with image editing software; the second is to simply double-click the desktop shortcut to photo editing software. Next, we need to open the pictures which we want edit, just click the button to open the file at the bottom right, which is the reciprocal of the fourth button on the interface, and this time there will be a file selection interface, we selected our picture storage location , pictures can be open up directly to edit.

The second is to increase the effect of the picture. Click the Effects button on the software interface, here are five editing effects to choose from, these five effect including signatures, rendering, borders, animation, decoration. We choose our favorite picture effect modification.

Then there is the cut. When the picture size is inappropriate, we can hold down the button to adjust the image size; if we do not want to appear in the picture presented to the audience of the screen when you can use this feature cut. To achieve the cut function, just cut the store button, then select the picture that we need to keep to. In the picture cut interface, as well as image rotation and text watermark function. It should be noted that the watermark text can drag the mouse to achieve free to adjust the position of the watermark.

Photo editing software of AllPepole company have a self-timer function, when we need to take a picture using the site can be self-timer photos, then edit.

When editing is complete, click on the bottom right of the save file, edit the picture after picture is automatically saved to a file folder before editing can also choose to save the path.


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