The function of My Player

My Player provided by AllPepole is the most powerful media player, not only you can use it to watch movies, but also you can do media files by yourself. There are its’ functions.

1, support all media formats, such as audio \ video, pictures, etc.;

All file formats can be used to open the My Player, including music, video, pictures, etc., do not need to convert the format on the line

2, when playing video files a key to achieve instant snapshots, to get the classic picture;

3, edit favorite pictures animation;

You can be your favorite picture to order their favorite form of animation play out

4, merging voice, audio, video, and pictures, audio and video files generated to add dynamic beautiful picture;

After editing your favorite pictures animation, you can also give animations. That means you can record your own audio files, and then merge these two files together, then an impressive picture of the album came out it; of course if it is their recorded video files can also be a way to merge it with the voice of

5, in order to highlight the picture wall in the form of all pictures;

All pictures can be displayed in the form of a wall of pictures, each picture is the protagonist

6, in the touch mode and drag the picture show

Now you know My Player is so powerful, what are you waiting for, just try it!


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