Powerful video merge software required function

A good video combined software with the need to have the following functions:

First, you can merge different formats of media file

Second, the picture is clear and concise

Third, the use of simple and convenient, do not need to spend too much time will be able to learn

Fourth, you can check the file through the playback quality before merging

Fifth, can choose merge order

By the multimedia merge software developed by AllPepole can perfectly meet the above requirements. My Merge is a powerful media merge software, support more than forty different format file merge. In order to before the merger is the difference between video files, audio files, or pictures, the company designed the marking area separated separately for the three big classification, and before the merger, will be in accordance with the different classification arrangement in the area such as the respective, convenient for us to add or delete.

There are media merge for windows and Mac at http://www.allpepole.com


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