The use of Video Converter

With the prevalence of mobile devices, a lot of people have their own mobile devices, such as mobile phone, MP4, SONY, iPhone/iPad/iPod, 3GP mobile phone PSV/PSP machine and so on. For those who like the mobile phone, MP4, PSP or other handheld devices to watch video users, often encounter some not broadcast the video format, this time you will think you need to convert video into video format to use video conversion software, so how to find a suitable for their own use video conversion tool.?

In the choice of when we need to remember a little, the main function is the video conversion tool is video conversion, as long as it can support all video format conversion, the conversion speed, support batch conversion, then this is a good video converter.

Currently on the market, provided by the AllPepole My Video Converter is fully conforms to the user demand video conversion tool. This software is comprehensive audio and video conversion software, in addition to support the export of various popular formats, the conversion process can repair damaged video files, support for iPhone/iPod/PSP and other multimedia format specified. And, this is a very simple operation video conversion software, a few steps to the realization of a simple video format conversion output.

The first is to introduction video format. Click on the “Load File”, select the need to convert the video file input, you can choose different ways to add to transfer video format, see details at the foot of. In the conversion rate, the software has multiple cores CPU concurrent conversion speed, the maximum support to 16 core CPU, therefore also reached the industry’s fastest conversion speed. If you need to convert DVD files, please click on the “Load DVD”.

Choose the format they need second. In both sides of the interface, select the output format you need. If you want to video conversion to IPad or IPhone, you can sign the direct selection and your mobile phone accordingly, converting the file to your mobile device supported formats.

Finally, click the Convert button to complete the video conversion.

With My Video Converter, no matter from which the videos on the site, you can convert your equipment to support the format; you can easily enjoy the video file you like.


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