Conversion MOV video file

The video format converter is a media format conversion real software solutions, can help you to DVD video or other format video into MOV video file. MOV video is can play the file QuickTime and Apple TV real extension. MOV file functions work content stored in more than one orbit. Each MOV track includes video, audio, text data. In order to play video files and QuickTime, a video format will be converted to MOV format. A video converter can convert video format, can be converted to AVI, ASF, WMV, 3GP, MPG, FLV, SWF and MPEG2, VOB video file format. With the function of powerful and flexible editing features provided by the video format converter, but also can improve the output video quality.

How to convert video formats

The first step of video file format conversion is to access the video format converter download page and download software. Install video conversion software, you can use the software flexible user friendly and intuitive interface to add video editing and conversion to an MOV file, or choose the Add button or menu by dragging the video software interface.

At the start of conversion of video, check it in the preview bar. The video format converter will also allow you to add some interesting properties of the video you can add subtitles, or you can also rotate video levels or rotating video down, you can start to convert video format file by clicking on the “Converter All” switch button.


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