Teach you how to put the segmented video merger

Because the access protection, in order to maintain the interests of developers, now many video cannot be free download. Even if found can download sites, many are also segmented broadcast. Especially the file download mobile phone player, almost all segmented storage, and cannot use other player. When you want to play the video on a computer or other places, people are very distressed by the number limit and the selection of video player. My Merge can combine the separated video files into a multimedia file, the merged file to facilitate you play using the other player. It is a powerful video merger.

Picture & Picture:

You can put beautiful pictures and Landscape Pictures together; then add text description to create a new slide in order to show pictures real beauty.

Picture & Audio:

You can add background music or your own dubbing to a plurality of pictures at the same time; merge into a complete video, showing the rich and colorful life

Picture & Video:

Insert beautiful pictures into the appropriate location of video, supply scenes and characters which are not in spot

Audio & Audio:

You can enjoy the charm of music by merging classic songs with multiple audio into a new audio

Audio & Video:

Add music to the recording video, and even change the original video background music to what you like, then merge them into a new video;

Video & Video:

Multiple videos can be modified and recombined to help you show your style.

Note: if the merged video files don’t play in the mobile phone, don’t worry, try to move the computer, or download video conversion software, converter the video format into the mobile support format. More information at http://www.allpepole.com.


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