Video file merging method

Now on the market of video merge software emerge in endlessly, but the function is the same. The specific operation method is not what different. In general can be used the following method of operation, complete video merger work quickly.

First of all, need to be prepared for video merge software and video file (format), and then open the video with suddenly can start related operation. For video merge software preparation work, just go to search the Internet will have different versions of the media with software, to choose their own preferred to. The provides video merge software very professional, can be combined with different types of media files, including video, audio and picture.

The specific operation video merger looks downward please:

The converter interface open, click the appropriate module above and to the left of the “+” (add file) button, the need to merge video are added into the software. Add files will be displayed in the software file list area. If you want to check the quality of the original video before merging, you can double-click the selected a video file, on the left side of the preview window can play preview.

Next is the merge operation. The choice of the need to merge the video file that is in front of the video file list area tick, selected for the combination of video files. Then there is a “Merge” button in the lower right corner of the interface, you can click merge.

Another way to add merges video. In the list of areas, according to the keyboard “Ctrl” key, at the same time, the mouse click choose need a combined (more than two) video files, confirm can be added.

Incorporated in the list of areas after the video file to form a group, group named in accordance with the merger types are assigned different group name. The name can be changed, in the name of the group to appear on right click the drop-down menu, select “Rename”, now editable, enter the text you want to go.


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