Experience sharing: how to merge the video file

Friends like to travel often bring their own cameras, to shoot something interesting to meet some of the journey, but due to the camera’s memory is limited, so sometimes the video files need to be stored in a plurality of memory card, to use these digital fragments together, then find a nice video merge software. However, now a lot of video mege software is very complex and difficult to use, this lets a person very distressed! In fact, “My Merge” easily completes the video merge operation, and with fast speed, good quality, the following is I will share with the operation steps I usually merge video to everyone, in need of friends can look at.

Preparation of tools:

Google search AllPepole, into the AllPepole official website to download the video merger software

You can follow my steps below to combine video files:

The first step: import video.

First we start the “My Merge”, you will enter the main interface of the software, select the software in each region of the upper left corner of the “+” button, will need a combined video file is imported into the software inside.

video merger

The second step: about the export video file format.

The choice of a good need a combined video files, we need to consider is the merged output video format. At present, the output video merge software provided by AllPepole only supports MP4 format. Because the MP4 format is the most widely used video format, playing almost all player support MP4 format video.

At the same time, in the lower right area of software interface, humane set the sequence of the various types of file merging. You can select the image in front, or video before, this will reduce the order of merge mess error.

The third step: export video files.

Through the above two step operation, all set our finished, click “Merge” button can be derived with good video file. Compared to other video merge software, “My Merge” merging speed is faster, and the use of video parameters can be easily derived software default clear and smooth video file, a friend in need, give it a try!


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