Multi format video converter

My video converter is currently supported video formats most video format conversion tool; My video converter has a more advanced conversion technology core system. In addition, the common video format converter compatible in the video format ability are relatively deficient, in general, common video format converter normally can only support 3-8 types of video format conversion, barely able to meet most of the needs of the users. My video format converter itself fully support at home and abroad more than fifty different video formats, completely covers the use of all mainstream video formats, as well as some professionals in the field of video formats, fully meet the requirements of different users.

First of all, we downloaded the software to be installed after the operation, it is very simple, here is to introduce the concrete operation procedure.

The first step is to add video files. Select the need to convert the video files, click the “Load file” button, and add to wait for the conversion of video file list.

The second step to select the output format. According to the demand of user itself, the conversion will be chosen before video for the corresponding format, and can be set to convert the video size and image quality parameters.

The third step to select the output directory. You will eventually transform out video files stored in the selected folder directory.

The fourth step immediately conversion. If the above step set is complete, you can click on the “Converter” button to enter into the process of video conversion.

The software has a lot of very strong function:

(1) My video converter can support dozens more video format conversion, small volume, powerful function, the operation is very simple.

(2) Audio format conversion technology synchronization support, including video files into an audio file.

(3) Friendly interface, fool operation. Preset multiple output formats, without setting a variety of complex parameters, select various output formats easily.

(4) Support the Almighty Video Converter my green version of the video preview and snapshot technology, can support edges conversion while playing.

(5) Batch conversion function, support for multiple CPU hyper threading technology conversion, the conversion efficiency is improved by more than 80%.

How My video converter effect? In the video conversion for processing, my video format converter using a more dynamic picture quality compensation technology advanced, in the conversion process of synchronous compensation and repair of picture quality, so as to solve the problem of video obscure problems. Whether the software as described above, you will understand after you personally experience. The latest version for free download address:

If you are using the Mac operating system, you can download to use, directly in the APPStore, download address: Mt=12


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