How to re dubbing for video

The use of video with software, can realize a plurality of different video merger. Most of the time, we took many video clips, download or their leisure time, play to their imagination, these videos to shear, combined, can make seemingly unrelated video through the connection, but does not have the same meaning. To achieve these functions such as video editing, with video, video soundtrack for re, add subtitles and so on, the use of video conversion software first brand “My Merge” could be achieved. The following is to introduce how to use the “My Merge” rapid realization of the above features.

Video merger for Windows download address:

Video merger for Mac download address:

The first: introduction to merge multiple video

A plurality of video to merge, to complete the merger in the “My Merge” will be the main interface. “My Merge” can be combined with different types of media files, such as video, audio and picture. In the interface, you can see the video file and the audio file, image file are displayed in different plate, so add the files when you, click to select the corresponding type of file region of the “+” button; add the need to merge files. In the add files, you can also select multiple files, batch add to merge list, very convenient.

Second: video with a supported format

“My Merge” support merge video files, the audio files and picture files, but at present all types of file formats, especially the video file, there have been dozens of video format. If you use merge software only supports several file formats, so the time to merge the risks cannot add video files. Use the “My Merge” video merge software does not have to worry about this kind of thing. “With My Merge” support forty video files, including almost the entire current global video file format, you can merge from different sites, different equipment video file.

In the column, click the arrow next to adjust the order, merge, if want to add new video, you can also click “continue to add” buttons, design software is very user-friendly.

Third: in order to adjust the video merger

“My Merge” with the humanized design, users can adjust the sequence of their file merging. In the lower right of the software, you can choose the video file is placed in the front, or image files will be placed in front of. So you can accord their desired effect to add an audio file or voice file.


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