My Mobile Swap can fast backup mobile device files

The mobile swap not only can transmit messages, call records, photographs, music, video and application, but also supports cross system data transmission. Mobile transfer can exchange data between Android, Symbian and IOS. With one click, you can directly transmit data between the two cell phones.


Key Features of mobile transfer for Windows:

Fast backup mobile device files

After lost mobile phone, many of us are not upset about mobile phone is away, but sad about can never get back the files on the mobile phone. After you have the mobile switching equipment, you no longer have to regret to such things. This mobile conversion software can help you quickly achieve file backup. You don’t have to worry about your files cannot be backed up, because as long as you can view the file on the mobile phone, this software can back up  all the files to  computer or the clouds.

Easily interchange media files

This mobile transfer software lets you transfer videos, music and photos to from mobile device to Windows and Windows to mobile device easily. Now people replace mobile phone equipment very quickly as soon as the new mobile phone is coming out. Replacing mobile phone is easy, but transferring mobile phone data is not convenient. Memorable photos and wonderful videos, My Mobile Swap can help you achieve transmission by a key. You don’t have to worry about your photos or videos disappeared. With My Mobile Swap, you could transfer your favored movies, songs and photos from Windows to Samsung.

Free exchange of user content

On your mobile phone, whether there is a application that you like it very much, you want to share with your friends? When you download the wonderful video, do you want to share it with friends? Whether to meet the transmission problems that the file is too large to exchange? These will let you feel a trace of regret? The use of mobile transfer, you can share your mobile device content with other devices rapidly. Whether the video file, or audio files, you can also select multiple files at the same time, upload to other mobile devices.

All kinds of android device support

Support transferring music, videos and photos from Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Sony

Find your file as quickly as possible

This mobile transmission tool helps to quick search the file you look for in a short time.

Intuitive device information

After your mobile phone is connected with Mac, the device info such as picture, type, capacity, version, etc. will be displayed in the program interface.

User friendly interface

The simple interface is easy to use for both novice and experienced users.

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