Merge video of different formats to a bigger video file

Are you looking for a quick and simple video file joiner? You just want to find the video merger which is good to use and don’t need to take a long time to learn how to use it. But it is not easy to do. After you see this article, I believe you don’t need to search any more. My Merger was created to help you merge your various video or audio files in one pack so you can enjoy your preferred clips or movie series without having to handle them individually.


The application is easy to install and even easier to use. The intuitive interface allows you to add the desired files, arrange them in any order you like and join them. The process doesn’t take as much as you would expect, actually smaller video files are joined in just a few seconds. After the merging process is done, you can launch the file right away with the program’s Play button.

You can join a wide range of file types, from MPEG, AVI and Windows Media Files to Real Media Files. Pay attention though because the video joiner will apply the settings of the first video file to the rest of the files in your list. So avoid joining files with different quality!

The intuitive interface is not at all intricate and a beginner should have absolutely no problem with handling the software. We followed simple three steps to join many video files, including some rare formats. Few controls and arranged without any clutter. Conversion formats can be chosen with mouse clicks. My Merger is suitable for quick video joining tasks. Can easy video compensates for its shortcomings by not needing a third party software to join media files, especially Real Media Files, this making it a convenient choice to quickly merge your files.

An important setback, though, is that the application may crash if you are trying to add files not properly encoded or corrupted. It happened during our tests and we had to end the application and start from scratch, as the software does not reload added files from previous run time. This shouldn’t be a problem though if you have clean video files.

Video Joiner provided by AllPepole is an easy and free-to-use video joiner for novices and professionals. There are several video formats presets provided for improving your joined files. You can join or merge multiple video files into a large one (AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, etc.) without any quality loss. It can also be used to convert a single file. With super-fast conversion speed, it saves you much time. Additionally, wizard mode is provided to guide you step by step. The program is absolutely a free-of-charge video joiner without any limitation.

If you want to see it at APPStore, here you can see it:

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