AllPepole provides powerful video joining tool

AllPepole provides powerful video joining tool that allows you to join multiple video formats into one single format that works. The Video Joiner is capable of joining formats like MKV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, FLV, ASF, DAT, MOV, HD Video, and other formats. Users of Windows will be happy with this tool as it works perfectly on Windows platforms and covers a wider range of file formats than other joiners on the market. A key feature of this tool is the ability to preview the original video file, add subtitles, and set up the frame rate for perfect video quality, which is tremendously helpful for both experienced and new users. This video merger is speedy and operates easily.

video merger

video merger

Step 1: Install the Software for Joining Videos

Download video merger at and launch installation file. Setup the program, just in couple of minutes the program will be ready to help you with combining videos into one file.

Step 2: Choose the Files You Want to Join

Click “+” to add media files and pick the files you want to join. If you want to work with a DVD video, there is no problem with it, it supports DVD and any other video formats.

It is noteworthy that you must add your files and the formulation of regional, if you want to add videos, you should Click the add button in the videos. Even, AllPepole video joiner can merger videos, audio and picture, but the add area is separated from others.

Now go to the Media tab and drag your files to the working area in order you want them to be joined.

Step 3: Select the file location

Before you merger your videos, you should choose the save contents. So, after your files joined, the video will be saved in the specified location.

Step 4: you can join your videos into one

As you moved your files into the working area, you can join them. It takes just a couple of clicks. To do this, you just need to select the video, audio and pictures you want to combine, and click the “Convert All”, the video will be saved at the specified location. If you want to add subtitle for the videos shoot by yourself, you can click the “T” button, you can add subtitle anywhere you want.

It doesn’t matter if you joined only the AVI files or video fragments in different formats, the resulting file will be saved as MP4 and click save. The program is finished.

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