Transfer contacts from Phone to Phone

Do you want to transfer text messages, call logs from your old mobile phone to your new phone? Many people may just know how to transfer the pictures, music, videos one by one. Now, the MobileTrans can help you to transfer comprehensive content quickly, not just common media content like music, videos, photos, but also text messages, call log, app, etc.


Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone couldn’t be easier with the help of MobileTrans. This phone to phone transfer lets you transfer up to 8 types of data (including contacts, messages, call history, calendar, photos, music, videos and apps) from one phone to another effortlessly. For contact transfer, the job titles, email addresses, company names and more in the contacts will also be fully preserved.

MobileTrans is new software that can make that task much easier. With this software you can: get your stuff from one phone to another without hassles. You can also use it to transfer your data from one phone or tablet to another, also you can back up and restore the data on your phone/tablet in case it breaks or becomes lost or stolen, even erase the data from your phone/tablet before you sell it.

The mobile transfer provides an easy and efficient way to transfer data from one phone to another, and more than 3,000 phone devices based on iOS, Android and Symbian are supported by the software. In another word, the MobileTrans can help us transfer phone data between iPhone, Android phone, Nokia and BlackBerry phones. Besides 8 files types (contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, apps, music, videos and photos) can be transferred between mobile phones, we can restore the backed-up data to phone device when required.

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