MobileTrans: transfer, backup and restore

How long will you change your mobile phone? Do you know there are many things you need to do before switching phone? With the big phone manufactures releasing new smartphones every year, the time interval we switch to a new phone becomes more and more short. As one important part in our life, we usually use smartphone to make calls, send messages, listen to music, take pictures, play games, watch videos, etc. The smartphone just looks like a small computer which stores our important information in, so before switching, backup is a must, next is to transfer our old phone data to our new phone with mobile transfer tool.

Getting a new phone may remind you of the excitement you felt as a kid the first time you got a new bike (or other favorite toy). We may be thrilled at checking out the new features and discovering all the things the phone can do.

But the downside of getting a new phone is transferring your stuff. If you’re switching phones, you may cringe when you think of all that’s involved in getting your data from your current phone onto your new phone. All of your contacts, photos, apps, text messages, call logs, apps and more reside on your old phone. Getting them onto your new phone can be a challenge.

AllPepole MobileTrans works with Android and Symbian phones. That’s right, if you have an old Symbian phone that has information you’d like to move to your current phone, you can use MobileTrans to accomplish that task easily.

Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone couldn’t be easier with the help of MobileTrans. AllPepole MobileTrans Supports files:

Contact – Names, job titles, address, emails and phone numbers are all included.

Messages – Phone Transfer can transfer the sending dates and numbers of the messages.

Call logs – Phone numbers, durations and other information can all be moved with this tool. This is an important feature for Phone Transfer as call logs may be needed when in emergency.

Apps – What “apps” means are installation packages. Please note that the accounts and passwords will not be copied to the destination phone.

Photos – It would be very convenient to sync pictures in JPG, PNG and other formats to another handset.

Music – Sometimes you may need to have a beautiful song on two devices of your. If so, the tool can meet your demand perfectly. Most formats are supported, including MP3, MP4, RMVB, AAC, and so on.

Videos – Suppose you will buy a new phone, the videos recording the daily life of your family or beloved ones can be saved to it. The whole process is fast and easy.

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