Ways to combine different media files into one video

Recording video files, taking pictures have become essential to our tourism process. At the end of the trip, we will be making a video to memory of the good time we spent together. This time we need the video files and photos are merged into a single file, only in this way, can we share with friends, and all video files and pictures can be stored in a video file. Many years later, as long as we open the video file, you can watch all the one-time record file.

video joiner

Combine the video files and pictures together are not a difficult thing, this time you need the help of video joiner. My Merger is video merger software provided by AllPepole, you can use it to combine videos, images and audio, that is to say, you can add background music for the video. Using the AllPepole video merger software add music files, music throughout the video, as long as the end of the video, the music will stop playing. So, how to merge media files?

At first, you should download and install video joiner. Download video joiner you can go to AllPepole website(www.allpepole.com). Also you can go to APPStore to download it, here you can find it https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-merger-pro/id940336802?mt=12.

Step two is to run the video merger software and load the original files. After you launch the program, you can select your video using the Add File button. Whatever you load videos or DVD, you can load several files at one time. Your video files are different formats? Don’t worry about it, My Merger can load it too. Then you should select which video do you want to merge it.

At last, you should choose how to merger your files. Here you can choose music throughout the video or throughout the pictures, and choose the merger order. When everything is Ok, you can click Merger to combine all of your media files.

Maybe you will not concern about the save path, but if you want to change it, you should change it before you merger files.


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