The latest mobile phone data transmission software free download

We all know that you can transfer data from mobile phone by Bluetooth, which is currently being widely used method, but the face of big data, large software, Bluetooth will be difficult to meet our ever-changing needs of mobile data sharing, here to tell you a new approach: using the phone data transfer tool AllPepole offer!

AllPepole mobile transfer

AllPepole mobile transfer

AllPepole mobiletrans is an excellent tool for mobile data transmission and copy. Want to know whether there is simple way to help you from your old phone to transfer everything to a new phone? Including SMS, call history, photos, music, video and so on.

AllPepole mobiletrans is your ideal choice! Program supports more than 2000 kinds of mobile phone models more, including HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and other brands have provided more support! Program not only can transmit text messages, call history, photos, music, videos, and applications, but also supports transmission of data across systems, based on Android and Symbian system, move data between multiple mobile phones. With one click, you can transfer data directly between two phones, whether Android phones (HTC, Samsung, etc.), or Symbian (Nokia). Mobile data transfer tool AllPepole provided without loss of data, you can transfer any data selectively between two mobile phones, transfer directly from one phone to another phone.

Using mobile transfer tool provided by AllPepole makes file transfer more convenient, faster, more humane, at speeds up to 10M per second, which means that songs can be seconds pass Oh, the movie is a cinch, and without the phone traffic, no WiFi router.

AllPepole mobiletrans has the following characteristics:

  1. Zero flow speed transmission, the highest per 10M;
  2. Speed ​​spike Bluetooth;
  3. Support a variety of file types, photo albums, pictures, music, videos, and so on;
  4. Use humane, different types of files automatically archived;

What are you waiting? Come download it, the download address is:


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