When you need for mobile data transmission software

As we all know, the mobile data transmission is to transfer or copy your phone data to another mobile phone. When it comes to this function, our first thought is the Bluetooth. But now the use of Bluetooth have become very little, because it is not only slow, but also there are limitations of transmit file type. In addition to Bluetooth data transmission, we usually used are Wi-Fi, usually can use the Wi-Fi connection between the mobile phone and PC, two sets of equipment in the same Wi-Fi environment can be synchronized, the synchronization process. Android system does not support, need to use third party tools.

In the process of data transmission in mobile phone, do you think the MMS is too costly; open the Bluetooth good trouble, mail is slow. Then, all you need is a paragraph does not flow, speed, mobile data transmission tool has the advantages of simple operation. Now transfer software is particularly much, you want to find suitable mobile transfer software for yourself? The Android mobile phone transmission software provided by AllPepole here for you, as to how the effect, we first have a look profile.

When you want to transfer data to another phone, the AllPepole mobiletrans is the best choice for you; when you need to replace the new phone, all mobile phone file is transferred to a new phone, the AllPepole mobiletrans is a necessary tool for you to replace the phone; when you want to import contacts and mobile phone messages, AllPepole mobiletrans is your best helper.

AllPepole mobiletrans is a simple and practical mobile data transfer tool, you can transfer phone contacts, information, pictures, videos and music files to each other, making the file transmission become more humanization, more convenient and more efficient. At the same time, the software provides the intelligent classification of documents, document browsing, video, music, pictures, mobile phone contacts, text messages, click to read, easy to use.

The use of the mobile phone data transmission software, only between a few simple steps can achieve file transfer between two mobile phones. First, of course, is also the most important preparation work, you need to download mobile data transmission software installed on your computer frequently used. Download Mobile data transmission software provided by AllPepole, you can go to AllPepole official website (http://www.allpepole.com/), download and then install it.

Next, you need to connect your phone with the computer have installed the mobile transfer, to achieve mobile phone data match. Open the phone data transmission software, the software will be a different file information classification. Click on the copy or transfer the file type you want, select or drive to another mobile phone area, can achieve data transfer and copy.

Do you think the data transfer is much better than Bluetooth, looking at all feel very interesting, immediately download and try the transmission software!


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