The phone data transfer between different mobile phones

Have to say, now the phone update too quickly! We also lamented the development of the times a year ago, 3G brought the ultrafast network speed, one year later, we accidentally entered the 4G era, consider the mobile phones contain 4G module, 3G 10M speed is simply weak burst; want to use 4G, we have to replace 4G phone, it can barely to solve the problem, but think about the last year just for the 3G mobile phone, mobile phone data, information, game and so on are the tragic disappearance, presumably a lot of people feel a headache, I also like this before, but now there is a good method, can let you to replace the phone, the two phones in the perfect docking data.

Said mobile phone data transfer, our first thought is a Bluetooth. But with the increasing market demand, Bluetooth has been unable to meet our needs. What we need now is to quickly transfer data, clear classification of mobile phone data transfer. Use My Merger provided by AllPepole, you can easily achieve mobile phone contacts, text messages, pictures, video and music transfer.

My Merger provided by AllPepole is a simple tool, mobile data transmission interface is very clear. The specific steps are as follows:

First of all, you need to go to AllPepole official website ( to download and install the mobiletrans. You can buy the professional version, or decide to try for a period of time to buy this software. If you choose the first trial, then when you open you just need to click the “free trial” to enter the main interface.

Next, you need to use this software to connect two of your mobile phone. When the link is normal, you click on the corresponding file module, the corresponding content inside your phone memory will be on the interface.

The last is to select the file and transfer or copy of the stage. You need to transfer files, click “export” to achieve the output data, click “import” to realize the data receiving. At the same time, you can also use the drag and drop, drag the files will need to transfer to another mobile phone interface.

Mobile phone data transmission software provided by AllPepole has the following characteristics:

1, clear interface, simple operation, to achieve all operations in a single interface

2, automatic document classification, saving time and effort

3, pure software security, no ads no recommendation

4, the rapid implementation of file transfer or file copy


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