How to merge multiple beautifully videos together?

Popular in the digital era, we love to shoot a lot of video. Also on the video site, we can very easily download videos. We want to find easy to use video merge software, to combine our videos together beautifully.

So video merger software which is good? Video joiner is part of video editing, you want to merge multiple video files, and you need to download video merger software. Video Merge software is multimedia production class software, is a class based on the need to merge the video.

The factors that measure the quality of video combiner are the following:

First: the software itself nontoxic plug

Second: Can compatible with a variety of video formats

Third: the speed of video merger

Fourth: Can you keep the original video resolution

My Merger launched by AllPepole with video merge function, and meets all the requirements of outstanding video merging software. So this video merge software in the end what features it?

The AllPepole provide video merge software supports importing almost all video formats, allows you to easily merge video. As integrated audio and video merge software, My Merger to merge not only supports video, but also supports audio and pictures merge functions. Click “Add Video” button to support import AVI, MKV, FLV, TP, MP4, etc. Almost all video formats. Merge video capabilities simply click “Converter All” button can be easily achieved. The latest software for CPU instruction is optimized merges speed, can satisfy everyone on the speed and quality of the pursuit.

Export support MP4 format, exporting small volumes of high-definition video. Here you can export the most popular video formats: MP4 format. Video width, height, bit rate and other parameters set flexibly. My Merger exported video, high definition, small.

My Merger supports video preview feature, and you can add marquee video. Just below the video preview interface, there are add captions button. Player need to add subtitles to a place, click the Add subtitle button, the video will automatically pause playback. Add text you want to add and click OK on the Add button, the video will continue to play, and add subtitles while playing. And add captions will appear in your time period of your choice; the rest does not appear the text that you add.

Overall, My Merger is a very useful video merging software, supports merger video, pictures and music, fast, high-definition. Video merger for Mac download:


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