How to fast and convenient transfer mobile phone data

We often plaint that the speed of mobile phone replace is so quickly, we are no rhythm. There are a lot of mobile phone fancier, like to do research on every kind of mobile phone, addicts will be for a new mobile phone every mouth, although easy to change, but some of the information in the mobile phone is not so easy to transfer, in the face of huge data in the mobile phone, but also take a long time to upload to the cloud disk, so how to fast and convenient transfer of mobile phone in the information and documents? Plan to share with you today: the best method is to use mobile transfer.

The first method:

In fact, in this case, in addition to the cloud disk upload, we can use some third party software to back up the data in the mobile phone, and then reduced to other mobile phone. Opened the box, there will be a data backup, directly with the function of the mobile phone data backup, then change to other mobile phone connected to the computer, and then click on the data reduction problem can be solved!

We must pay attention to that: the phone must be rooted advance; data must be saved to the computer, and then transferred from the computer to the phone, time-consuming and laborious

Second kinds of methods:

We can use the phone data transfer tool, the first, mobile phone connected to the computer through a data line, and then use the third party software, transfer the original mobile phone data directly to the new phone.

The advantage of this method is no need to save the data to the computer, mobile phone data transfer directly from the old to the new. Eliminating the intermediate steps, save time

At present, mobiletrans provided by the AllPepole, this phone data transfer tool is in accordance with require of saving time and effort. Not only has the advantages of simple operation, but also the interface is very clear, almost all of the action can be completed in a single interface. At the same time, the data transmission software automatically classificatory your document, divided into mobile phone contacts, messages, music, video and pictures. In order to transfer the relevant documents, only need to click on the corresponding button, aim to provide convenience for you to find the file. More information at


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