How to make the space step video collection

Michael Jackson’s moonwalk is one of the classic dances, moonwalk legend of creation is in a cold winter, due to the creator go encounter winds, slippery roads, so the wind was back, but people still keep moving forward posture. This causes a lot of people watching next, the creator discovered the artistic effect produced by this detail, thus creating a dance space. Michael Jackson is the world-famous American singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer, philanthropist, musician, humanitarian, pacifist, founder of the charity. Through stage performances and videos, Jackson popularized a number of dance and moonwalk like machinery and other dance techniques. Jackson’s life twice named Rock Hall of Fame, won 13 Grammy Awards and 26 American Music Awards. In his solo career, he has 13 US singles champion. 2000 Guinness World Records certified where he financed over 39 charities.

video combiner

Even Michael Jackson left this world in 2009, but he will always remain in the hearts of the people. Every year, the world will hold a concert to commemorate Michael Jackson. As followers of the ordinary, we cannot express our concerts team his thoughts, but we can still choose our way to commemorate him. For his production of electronic album is a good choice. Every June, the Internet will spread his video as a memorial. So how do you make the yearbook it?

We can collect some short video of Michael Jackson, or about his your favorite photos, and then matched with the sounds of music, you can make commemorative video. And the production of simple and requires only three steps to complete.

First, you need to download a video merger aids. My Merger provided by AllPepole merger is good video software. Download: http: //, you can also download the Mac version APPStore:

Then add the need to merge the videos, pictures and music. In the lower right of the interface of different types of files can be sorted. At the same time, you can also add video subtitles. Finally, click Merge to complete all production. Completion of the merger of the video will be displayed on the video to add area, click on the video you can watch the effect of the merger. The video joiner is easy to use, you should have a try.


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