Intelligent mobile phone how to transfer data

Now, the function of mobile phone is more and more, in order to facilitate the most of the time we will choose to store important files on the phone, so that at any time to see. The result of this is that files in the phone are more and more, and then corresponding the reaction speed of the mobile phone will be slow. Once we feel about this issue, we will consider replacing the phone. Then so many documents, how to transfer to a new phone? I think a lot of people have encountered similar problems, for which we should be how to do it. Many small partners do not know how to do it better, so here we recommend several methods:

The first: the Bluetooth transmission

Although Bluetooth function as early as a few years ago popular, but there are still a small partner do not use. In fact, the use of Bluetooth file transfer, two mobile phone need to be within 100 meters range, can check to the signal in a mobile phone, and then the realization of Bluetooth pairing. The pairing is successful to transfer files.

Bluetooth transmission disadvantages: slow, space requirements

Second: with the aid of the third party tools-mobile phone data transfer

Now there are many methods of phone data transmission on mobile phone network, in fact, many are dependent on third party tools and implementation. So, how to choose the AIDS?

In the selection of third party tools (phone transfer), mainly from the following several points to consider:

1, whether to support their use of mobile phones, if not their own mobile phones, no matter how good the function, cannot be used by us

2, whether to support large data transmission? Because we use third party tools main purpose is big data, large file transfer, if you cannot achieve the high data transmission, or transmission speed is slow, so we cannot consider

3, whether the file classification? A large number of mobile phone in our files, if we want to find the file in all files, you can spend a lot of time, if the software can automatically classify, then we will be very easy to find them, this can save a lot of time.

4, the operation is simple

If you feel to search the above software have a little trouble, I can recommend you. MY Mobileswap provided by the AllPepole can meet the above requirements. The mobile data transmission system has the advantages of simple operation, support for all Android phones, and can realize the rapid transmission of data, at the same time, video, music, pictures, information, contacts and other classification, is a good data transmission software. You can go to the AllPepole official website ( for more information.


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