How to make different music into a song


Music is our hobby, drinking Coffee, listening to music is a very pleasant thing. Walking in the street , especially in some places of entertainment, there you will always hear some  songs, it is from  different songs, take the essence part together , so that people can hear different styles and different kinds of songs at the same time , similar to the previous songs . But now we’re playing, different music can join together into one, video merger is the same naturally born, add appropriate music, play a person’s imagination, and create a cool video.

Every time I hear string music, see the video together, have a kind of impulse, imagining what it would be like to be created out by myself, suddenly worried that i can’t do it. In fact, their principles are from different parts of the video or music together, only need to use video merger software can be achieved.

Methods and steps:

1, the video combine, it is to capture an essence of the video and combined into a new video. Combine different video into one need the appropriate tools, installing the video merger software, click on the “add video “button in the top left of the interface, hold down the CTRL key to select multiple video files, can be added in one click.

2, after the videos need to be merged are all added in. The video joiner provided by AllPepole can combine video, music and photos. In the software interface, can set the picture animation; below the preview window can add subtitle file. This video merger software default synthesized video file format is MP4 format.

3, after the parameters of the output video set finished, you can start video merge, click on the “Merge” button right of the software interface, at the point of care that, have to be confirmed before the front with video list box is ticked.

4, using the above method to merge video, this software by default after the merger of the video is a video file name finally merged in the list, if need to change, need to wait until after the merger to modify. But if you need to modify the path before the merger, need to choose the storage location. Video merge speed varies depending on the video file size.


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