Android mobile phone how to transfer files

Now the function of mobile phone is more and more, people usually take more and more time with it, the direct result is the shorter life of mobile phone. Exaggeration to say, now change for mobile phone is frequency faster than change clothes. But every time we replace a new mobile phone, will be faced with how easily the old mobile phone data transfer to the new mobile phone, especially communication is stored in the mobile phone on the book, SMS, call logs and photos and other information, these data are indispensable to our daily life. According to the traditional method to copy it, are all to a new mobile phone, is definitely a big project, in order to simplify the process, we need to find a good mobile phone data transfer tool for having heard it many times, it is the use of Bluetooth data transmission. Then we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the use of Bluetooth mobile phone data.

As the most traditional way, the application of Bluetooth in Android was more extensive, in addition to mobile phone or mobile phone to transfer some of PC content, the application of Bluetooth is also widely to peripherals, the user can through the Bluetooth pairing Android mobile phone keyboard, mouse and even Bluetooth watches, is relatively easy to use, but as the transmission function of the traditional Bluetooth application, or more trouble.

Bluetooth has basically everyone know, Bluetooth can be said to be the most basic transmission modes in the transmission, Bluetooth, mobile phone needs to be paired Bluetooth transmission distance, depending on the situation, but for close share, Bluetooth application limit is still relatively small, most of the content to share the use of Bluetooth support. Another big advantage is that support Bluetooth connection device, which we have just mentioned.

Finished the merits about the disadvantages, Bluetooth is the point to point transmission, sharing the use of Bluetooth can only between two devices, this can be regarded as the biggest disadvantage of Bluetooth, Bluetooth and the transmission speed is limited, the development of Bluetooth transmission speed is obviously cannot keep up the growth rate of capacity of the medium, gradually Bluetooth also may gradually be eliminated. After all, with the data in the mobile phone is more and more big, the Bluetooth is only suitable for small data transmission, when large data transmission of Bluetooth, slowly, then we must find another suitable tool for large data transfer tool.


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