How to make a video clip

Today is the information age, almost all digital devices can support to take pictures, so our phones, cameras or computers are often stored a lot of beautiful photos, some photos are about friends get together, and some may be life on weekdays, or art photo shoot carefully. Those unruly youth record photos produced video, will become the most unique way to leave the memories. So how do you use these beautifully photographs to craft video?

Computers are usually comes with Office software, if not you can directly download and install. First, we need to use to make a PowerPoint PPT fine album, PPT to open a blank document, through the “Insert” → “Album”, the need to create a video album of photographs of all import PPT.

After the photo import PPT blank document, due to different photo sizes, so some PPT large blank page will appear, affect the appearance. At this point we need to select a nice background image for PPT album, can be static or dynamic will do. Click on the slide blank page, and then select the background formatting, the background picture into PPT album.

Then you need to enhance photos, click to select the photo, and then drag the photos around the point can zoom or rotate photos, make photo slideshow page looks beautiful balance, then you can also select the “Picture Tools” for the photo to add a border or special effects and so on.

We use the “Switch” effects to animate, in turn select each slide, and then choose a satisfying “switching scheme” in the “Switching” can be very simple!

After the animation setup is complete, you can save the PPT album, but this time the album cannot be called PPT video album, because it just PPT document format, you want to make a video album PPT need auxiliary tool. We can download screen recording software, automatic slide show; you can also slide into a video format.

Overall, this approach requires the use of auxiliary tools are more and produced a video without sound, the easiest way is to use video merger software, not only can be used to create beautiful photo video, you can also video dubbing, add subtitles. For details, please visit


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