What are some simple methods can combine images into video

Originally I thought merge video files will be very complex and require a similar non-linear editing software, or other video processing combine software can do, including the previous paragraph I downloaded some FLV files, had wanted to merge, but estimates are too complex and give up. Today, finishing inside the old computer files and found out a lot of travel photos lying there quietly, whim, you want to put these photos made a video, add my favorite music. Because of curiosity, had to check the relevant information, the results is so simply I unexpected. You can just download a video merger software can be easily achieved.

Here for example My Merger provided by AllPepole. This is a very simple operation of the software, the degree of completion of almost all operations in a single interface. Supported file types include video files, music files, and image files, and add different types of files is implemented in different regions. We can now merge images sequentially; the merged file will automatically appear in the final of a video file. Then add audio files via interface buttons, coupled with some beautiful music video albums, or silent picture show, how much loss of color, you can choose the format of MP3 audio or MP4 format video as background music.

After adding background music is finished, click the OK button to return to the main interface. You can now click “Merge” button, then start merging video and music, in the merger process, we can do something else on the Internet, wait for the video album released.

When the video joiner prompted the merger success, you can see the video of the album output directory; we produced a video album on a hundred percent success, and quickly click to play video Watch the video albums effect of it! Of course, in effect making the above, you can also directly merge pictures and music together, but also can add videos, quickly hands to try it!


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