Why Android phones than iphone more convenient

Intelligent mobile phone function, can also cause a problem, is the need for more and more types of files, file size is more and more big, the phone data exchange with the computer or other mobile phone will be relatively trouble, took the iPhone for example, if each other to pass anything with mobile phone and computer, the computer will need at the end of iTunes, even on the data lines, in order to realize the media or the application installation, use up more trouble, if the transfer between the mobile phone is more trouble, more of Apple’s iOS requirements, although this can be a very good against piracy, but for users is not free.

Compared to Apple’s iOS, Android mobile phone is relatively more freedom, between the mobile phone and mobile phone, mobile phone and computer communication or synchronization some content is relatively simple, but many users in the application has not been very successful, so today, we will introduce some of the Android on the mobile phone transmission function, there may be some of you do not know, for this transfer function, we Each takes what he needs., transmission methods are varied, there must be a right for you.

1, the use of mobile phone Bluetooth data transmission

This is a commonly used way of data transmission. The benefits of using Bluetooth data transmission is fast and convenient, but the use of Bluetooth data transmission has a shortcoming is only suitable for small file transmission; file transfer speed is very slow.

2, the realization of data transmission in Wi-Fi environment

Wi-Fi can be used for the connection between the mobile phone and is usually PC, two sets of equipment in the same Wi-Fi environment can be synchronized, the synchronization process of the Android itself does not support, need to use third party tools. Wi-Fi transmission with two sets of equipment to a Wi-Fi network environment, relatively speaking, the transmission requirements are relatively high, and there is little between Wi-Fi network mobile phone software can access each other      .

3, save the data to the computer, and then output to another mobile phone

Using this method, you first need to save the data in the mobile phone to the computer, and then connect a mobile phone, and then the data output. Advantage is that the output file support, but the lack of a lot of trouble, need to transfer files to the computer, and then output to the mobile phone.

4, the use of tools for data transfer

Using the professional software of data transmission, computer does not need to transfer, directly to the data transmission in the mobile phone to another mobile phone. The transmission also supports large files, and faster transmission speed. You are worth a try!


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