Use video joiner to add background music to video

Now online video vogue, we can browse the Internet to a variety of small video clips, you’ll find most of the video is not recorded by a camera or cell phone to get it! But a combination of photos, how to use photographs to make a video clip of it? Today’s information age, almost can support many digital devices to take pictures, so our phones, cameras or computers are often stored a lot of beautiful pictures. The production of those records with unruly youth photos into video will be our memories leave the most unique way.

In fact, not difficult to make such a video, we only need to use the relevant video merge tool can be. I usually use My Merger. This software is very simple and clear interface; all operations can be completed in a single interface. And video can also add subtitles, it is a good video production tools. The use of this video production software, will merge into a video picture requires only three steps can be completed.

First you need to add pictures to the merge list. It should be noted that this is a can merge video, pictures and music software; add different file types to merge different lists. We need to add the picture, there it is located in the top right picture list, click on the “+” button, select Add image. You can add multiple pictures at once.

Then select the image file to be merged. When the image upper right corner shows “√”, then the picture has been selected. Then it can be merged image.

Video files only picture no sound, it is inevitable a little dull and unattractive. So, we can also add background music to video. Or in accordance with the way the combined image, add music scene in line, you can click on the merger.

So we create a vivid video files. We also use our own handmade video uploaded to the Internet, and friends together to share fruits of our labor.


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