Let AllPepole video merger help you merge different video clips

We all know that when we use Kodak Z981 digital camera to take photos, the video format defaults to MOV, then when the time shot a lot of short-form video, we just want to these movies combined. Try searching the Internet easy to use video merge software, but try a lot of software to merge video clarity are very low, and relatively few supported formats. AllPepole video merger helps you solve video merger puzzles, support for all video, audio and image formats, simple operation, is definitely the perfect choice to merge videos.


Get ready software and video files (formats unlimited); open and run AllPepole video merger related operations. For details, please read on:

On the opening video merger interface, click the bottom left of the “Add Video” button, add and import the need to merge videos to the software. Added files display a list of files in the software area. Select a video file, in the upper left of the preview window you can preview. In fact, there is a fast player skill is to double-click the video file, you can play it.

In the video preview during playback, you can click on pause, for simple video editing, such as adding a description, tag, and text, and so on. After editing the video, select all need to merge videos, then select output path, the system automatically generates a name, of course, after the completion of the merger, find the path to save, select the file, click F2 to rename it.

Is not it simple? So why not try it for free? Currently, AllPepole video merger not only supports windows version, also supports the Mac version, but also can download at the Mac APP Store.

Download Address:



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