The most modified of AllPepole video merger latest version

Video merger is a part of video editing software, which belongs to multimedia making software, is developed according to the need for merging of the video, usually measured in video merging software quality factors are as follows: software itself non-toxic and no plug-ins, can compatible with a variety of video formats, merge speed and ability to maintain the original video resolution etc.. AllPepole Video Merger not only has video merge function, but also meets all requirements with excellent video merging software.

The latest 1.7.9 version of AllPepole video merger in the original version has made a great improvement. Improved system crash in the process of merging; improved when add subtitles modify subtitle font size and color; improved in direct preview issue after the completion of the merger; improved the image resolution. In short, with improved following the most prominent in the latest version of Video Merger:

1, while in the process of merging, achieve video preview;

2, if the target file already exists, it will not repeat added;

3, support from the explorer to drag and drop the file into the source file list box;

4, can merge any video format;

5, add text, when dragging the text box, automatically adjust text and font size.

More functions are waiting for your approaching, you can give us any your advice and issues, we will be very pleasure with your nice suggestions. And send email to, thanks!

Mac APP Download Link:


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