Fantastic GIF let other people pay attention to you

Now a lot of friends daily will like to chat in the Internet, especially in chat in the process we often see all kinds of funny very animated GIF. Chat in a funny GIF picture always particularly attracted the attention of the public. A good GIF animation pictures can cause the rapid spread of the Internet. If we can own homemade some animated GIF picture that is good, but making animated GIF images for many of friends is difficult? And there is simply way to cut videos into animated GIF images?

First open and use AllPepole Video Cutter playing a video file, which can be your own recording video, can also play your favorite movies and TV series, when playing to a screenshot of the video on the screen, click pause, choose to cut the start time and end time, click on the video to GIF buttons, images will automatically be shear to the main panel.

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After the cut time, click on the preview, you can see the animation effect, if the cutting of the screen is not up to the requirements you can use the trim function, accurately adjust the GIF animation start point and end point, here two sets of arrow buttons are used to adjust the starting point and end point of time can be accurate to the frame.

Cut more than one GIF pictures, video to GIF to be completed, click “save” button, and select the file output path on the line! Save is determined; the screen will prompt GIF has been cut, the effect of pre. Gif dynamic picture a fantastic production so well. Interested friends, you can also try to make one.

You can download at Mac APP Store:


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