Why is Allpepole Video Converter worth to be yours?

Allpepole Video Converter is a powerful video converter, you can cut some segments of the video without re-encoding.

Cutting video on Allpepole Video Converter is finished on the timeline, so you can achieve the operation as follows by Allpepole Video Converter:

  1. The video is cut into multiple fragments, then you can delete the unwanted segments and recombine the rest fragments or to save each clip.
  2. Merge video (the video is required to has the same frame rate, encoder, etc.);
  3. Edit DVD, Blu-ray video, adding chapters, menus and so on.

Allpepole Video Converter is great to support the video of high-definition format, and it can be used to separate

these high-definition format, such as .m2ts, .m2t, .mts,

.tod, index.,bdm, index.bdmv etc.

Therefore Allpepole Video Converter is a special video clip, video splitter, after importing video, one can press a button to set the cutting segmentation point with playback at any time.

Allpepole Video Converter has so many other functions. If you want to know more, just click here. If you have any question or advice, please send an e-mail to allpepole520@gmail.com. Thanks!

Free Download Link:



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