Allpepole Photo Editor

—so many people has used it

Allpepole Photo Editor is a simple but multi-function software. When you think that the photos can’t reach your mind, you can use the software to edit your photos.

You can achieve these image processing functions of picture cropping, scaling, add watermarks, etc.,thereby, to create a practical online image processing software. Now image cropping is more popular, like the function of many websites avatar uploading, you can edit, zoom and cut your picture on basis of your mind before uploading. The effect is similar to the professional image processing software, and the operation is simple a lot.

Allpepole Photo Editor is a very useful image editor, also a direct picture editor. You can add your signature to the picture by the button on the top left. All functions that batch conversion, image adjustment, a variety of image editing module, etc. It’s easy, simple and straightforward way to edit your picture by using the Allpepole Photo Editor.

Of course, the Phone Editor has other functions. If you are want to know about it, you can click here. If you want to free download, please click here.

Official Website:

Free Download Link:


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