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Fantastic GIF let other people pay attention to you

Now a lot of friends daily will like to chat in the Internet, especially in chat in the process we often see all kinds of funny very animated GIF. Chat in a funny GIF picture always particularly attracted the attention of the public. A good GIF animation pictures can cause the rapid spread of the Internet. If we can own homemade some animated GIF picture that is good, but making animated GIF images for many of friends is difficult? And there is simply way to cut videos into animated GIF images?

First open and use AllPepole Video Cutter playing a video file, which can be your own recording video, can also play your favorite movies and TV series, when playing to a screenshot of the video on the screen, click pause, choose to cut the start time and end time, click on the video to GIF buttons, images will automatically be shear to the main panel.

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After the cut time, click on the preview, you can see the animation effect, if the cutting of the screen is not up to the requirements you can use the trim function, accurately adjust the GIF animation start point and end point, here two sets of arrow buttons are used to adjust the starting point and end point of time can be accurate to the frame.

Cut more than one GIF pictures, video to GIF to be completed, click “save” button, and select the file output path on the line! Save is determined; the screen will prompt GIF has been cut, the effect of pre. Gif dynamic picture a fantastic production so well. Interested friends, you can also try to make one.

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Use AllPepole Video Cutter to make character MTV?

How to make our original MTV? Many people, of course including me, think of the first scheme is to cut video into clips firstly, then according to the music slowly to type a section of lyrics into a caption to play up. This scheme is feasible, but if in accordance with the above method to do, we will definitely be miserable! Because only the lyrics subtitle fill in this part, we should take for a long period of time! An original MTV only filled lyric may have to take a few hours here. And if you use AllPepole Video Cutter to make MTV, change lyrics into subtitles and synchronous alignment, coupled with the font effects may takes only a minute! Yes, you’re not wrong, one minute to get all!

AllPepole Video Cutter is the fastest and best use video cutting software. Cut the size of a 100MB video file requires only 10 seconds, which is the fastest video cutting tool. It can cut AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, WMV and other video format for any time period of cutting and also supports merge multiple video files.

Video cutting and merging operation is very simple, only need to open your video file with video cutter and combiner, a good choice of video start position and end position, click Start button to cut, immediately done! Then merge those cutting video into a large video, forming a complete video. Finally add subtitles, easily done all. More software knowledge, please enter AllPepole official website ( to learn more. Thanks!

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Cut any video and pictures into a new video

AllPepole Video Cutter is currently the most popular video editing software, is a powerful tool for digital video cutting, audio cutting, and multimedia powerful editing software, the application scope is too numerous to enumerate, the production effect is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once, which helps users work more efficiently.

Why it is worthy be recommended:

1, the input and output media format is unlimited

As video cutting and editing software, supports the import of all video formats, image formats and audio formats, the generated media file format is more than video, can also save the output for the flash document and GIF dynamic images.

2, the effects of material processing

Video cutting and editing software is not only a simple synthesis of the material, including the reprocessing of the original material, the unique export video display effect, such as the picture transition effects, MTV synchronize subtitles, subtitles specifically and so on

3, cut out any time of the video

As a professional video cutting and editing software, only need to select the start time and end time can capture the video, and does not damage the original video, the video will be taken out to be saved as video clips.

This AllPepole Video Cutter the latest version is 1.5.3, the latest update time is March 4, 2015, complete function, absolutely can guarantee you a video cutting demand. Mac APP Store download link: