How to convert RMVB to iPhone?

AllPepole video converter is the best video format conversion software, which not only supports convert common RM / RMVB files to MP4, mobile phone, iPad, iPhone, PSP and other support MP4 formats, and also supports AVI, VCD, SVCD, VOB, MPEG, DAT, WMV, ASF, MOV, QT, MKV, FLV, MP4,3GP, DV, MTS, TS, M2TS, MOD, TOD, F4V, and other popular video formats to AVI, MP4, WMV and other formats, easily support MP4 for playing on mobile phone, CD, MP4 and other devices. Typical applications include convert RMVB to MP4, RMVB to AVI, RMVB to iPad, RMVB to iPhone, RMVB to PSP, RMVB to WMV and so on.

AllPepole video converter can adjust the output video of a variety of parameters to control the output file size and resolution, such as video size, video quality, frame rate, audio sample rate, and audio quality and so on. Supports adding video into the unified format combined output of large files, and with batch video conversion and playback.

AllPepole video converter can download at AllPepole official website ( or to the Apple app store download the trial ( Once you have downloaded the software can be installed directly extract it. After installing the software, double-click the icon on the desktop software and run it, fresh air software interface, the software supports a single file conversion, also supports batch converting multiple videos. You can have a try!


Use AllPepole Video Cutter to make character MTV?

How to make our original MTV? Many people, of course including me, think of the first scheme is to cut video into clips firstly, then according to the music slowly to type a section of lyrics into a caption to play up. This scheme is feasible, but if in accordance with the above method to do, we will definitely be miserable! Because only the lyrics subtitle fill in this part, we should take for a long period of time! An original MTV only filled lyric may have to take a few hours here. And if you use AllPepole Video Cutter to make MTV, change lyrics into subtitles and synchronous alignment, coupled with the font effects may takes only a minute! Yes, you’re not wrong, one minute to get all!

AllPepole Video Cutter is the fastest and best use video cutting software. Cut the size of a 100MB video file requires only 10 seconds, which is the fastest video cutting tool. It can cut AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, WMV and other video format for any time period of cutting and also supports merge multiple video files.

Video cutting and merging operation is very simple, only need to open your video file with video cutter and combiner, a good choice of video start position and end position, click Start button to cut, immediately done! Then merge those cutting video into a large video, forming a complete video. Finally add subtitles, easily done all. More software knowledge, please enter AllPepole official website ( to learn more. Thanks!

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Good compatibility and simple operation video merger

Video merge software, by definition, they will think only merge video, and its implementation is currently a lot of video merge software also can merge image and audio, multiple video merge into one video, but also video and pictures, and audio mixing can be merged. So what kind of video merge software is best to use? Video compatibility, simple operation, many people believe that these conditions will be mentioned. Today, I will introduce such a merger can only merge video, but also the ability to merge pictures and audio powerful video merge software, let us work together to witness this video merge software charm.

First, import the pending merger of video, audio and pictures

After downloading and installing the video merge software, open software, clear software interface makes people feel good, the software is divided into four sections, to realize the video merger, plus the corresponding file in the appropriate section, as in the video section to add video, add audio at audio segment, the image plate to add pictures, add complete, free click join files, you can achieve video, pictures and audio preview. The video merge software has excellent codec and supports various formats of video, image and audio merger, such as flv video merge, etc., is compatible with a very high degree.

Secondly, use of video editing functions

As a good integrated audio and video merge software, this software also simple video editing features, in video, image preview process, click on the pause, you can add video overlay text, superimposed watermark, stacking frames, adjust text size and the position of the border, and so on.

Thirdly, adjust the video merge order

After finished importing and editing video, audio and picture, the need for consolidation of the resulting video sequence of video adjustments, add video, delete video and other operations, set finished, select the output path, click on the merger began to merge video.

While it is simple to operate, but it merge video quality is very commendable. Mac APP Store Download:

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How to merge different images and audio into one video

In today’s information era, almost all digital devices can support photographs, so our mobile phone, camera or computer often stores a lot of beautiful photos, some friends photos, some may be in daily life, or carefully photographed art photos. Will those records unruly youth photos video, we leave the memories will become the most unique way. How to make use of video pictures, as the new users, a simple and exquisite degree of software is essential to ensure! Open the AllPepole video merger, through the “add photos” button; we can put all the photos into the software. Click on the picture, preview, when in the process of previewing, we can add text or description on the picture, drag the position of text etc..

Silent pictures showing may lost the number of color, it is a video album with beautiful music, can choose any audio format as background music. Click to add audio, audio software according to the length of time to automatically match the picture display time, then add background music, select the output path, easy to see after the completion of the merger. After the completion, click on the Merger, with about a few minutes, in the process, we can do something else on the Internet, wait for the video album merged.

When AllPepole video merger showed that the conversion is successful, will pop up a dialog box prompts you to preview, please click on the video to watch the video album effect!

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Video converter provided by AllPepole

There are many common video formats, if you learn a little bit knowledge of video, you will not feel strange about such as AVI, MPEG, MOV, RM and other common video formats. Also, different format files corresponding to different player: MOV format QuickTime file playback, RM file format of RealPlayer player. But if your computer is only provided with a RealPlayer player, and you get is a MOV format, and RealPlayer does not support the MOV format player. Look at your own video not normal to play; you can go to find a solution. The best way is to find the “bridge” between these two kinds of video formats to achieve mutual conversion, when video format conversion is complete, you can enjoy the wonderful video.

AVI and MPEG are common video format, so a lot of software about it, format conversion of bbMPEG1, Honestech, MPEGEncoder, TMPGEncbeta12a and so on. But it almost can only supports several formats convert, which means that, if we get the other video formats, we must also download other video conversion software, it becomes more troublesome.

Introduce it here can support different video format conversion software, My Video converter, provided by the AllPepole. It can help you to convert AVI video files into MPEG video file, due to the use of a special coding algorithm, the file work can more quickly, accurately. Although the special code, but you do not have to worry about the operation steps are too complex, because the software has a simple interface, as long as the choice you want to convert AVI video files, file name and save the file path then set the conversion, which can convert the file to start.

My Video converter is currently the highest praise the video format conversion software. Because it supports the conversion of files of different formats, such as AVI, MPEG, MOV, RM conversion, output multiple formats. At the same time, the direct conversion is supported by different mobile devices video file support. If you don’t know what your mobile device support video format has, it doesn’t matter, directly on the left, you choose your equipment interface and the corresponding icon, and click on the “Convert All” can realize the file conversion.

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Mobile phone to computer data transmission method

Often have friends need to put some documents stored in the mobile phone, and then use the spare time to read. Sometimes need to send mobile phone photos to the computer for editing, which requires the solution of mobile phone and computer documents transmission. Here are some of the methods to achieve, we hope to help.

1, the use of desktop applications

We are most familiar with this method is to transfer files to each other through Email, almost everyone can use. The file from a device, and then downloaded to another device. Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive can also provide cloud data storage service to send data by each other. You can even use Web end application through software; realize the data transfer between different devices.

2, if Notepad, you are using Google Keep

Send a notepad; use the “Google Keep” is the most convenient way. Directly in the Google Keep record, copy, paste, immediately can see other devices.

This is the mobile phone to computer data transmission method, so we need more time to realize the data transmission between the mobile phone, after all, now the electronic product update speed, we replace the mobile phone frequency becomes higher. There are three ways of data transmission of mobile phone.

1, the use Bluetooth to achieve mobile phone data transmission

Bluetooth function is every mobile phone can only have the most basic functions, it also provides us the convenience of mobile data transmission. Only in certain space range, paired two phones, mobile phones can transmit data. But it is worth noting that the transmission, Bluetooth data transmission is only suitable for small file system.

2, the use of computer to realize data transmission in mobile phone

The first mobile phone files transfer and stored in the computer, and then copied to another mobile phone. This operation is more trouble, but also a method.

3, the use of data transmission tool tools

If you think copy the file to the computer and then copied to the phone more trouble, so using a mobile phone data transfer tool, it can be directly transferred to the mobile phone file on another phone, without the need for a computer backup. This operation will be more convenient and quick.

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How to merge the segment video

For people who travel frequently, computer, mobile phone and camera with a bunch of photos. Every time you need to find the corresponding photos need to spend a long time. And the original photos or pictures you had seen many times will not fresh. How to increase the dynamic for these photos?

We can produce composite video pictures, is what we often say that the pictures will be made into a video, in order to make the effect more personality; we can also be the video with the background music, photo effects, text and so on. Let me introduce the production of composite video pictures. In the process of making pictures in the video, we need to use video merger software to realize it. Recommend you My Merger AllPepole provided here. This software also seeks to focus on high quality effect, simple operation, is the one that everyone will use the combined video production software, so even if you are a novice, can quickly create beautiful video! The specific operation is as follows:

The first to add picture:

Open the video joiner tool; you can see it has three blank areas, corresponding to the video area, the picture area, audio region. We need to add pictures, the button to add to our picture in the picture area click “+”. Of course, if a lot of pictures, also can be directly into the appropriate folder, or batch import pictures.

Select the gorgeous picture effects:

In the user interface on the right side, you can see a lot of pictures animation. According to the scene, you like image effects for different pictures. If you don’t pursue rapid, specific settings, software will default random effects.

Insert background music:

I like the songs downloaded from the Internet, in the audio area click the “+” button to add music to video. Click “T”, you can also add scrolling subtitles for video.

Insert video, making the video is more dynamic:

A powerful video production software, is certainly not limited to add photos, music and other elements, this software can also insert video function, we can according to their own preferences, usually taken online or download video can be inserted, as video titles, but also can be directly inserted into the photo, interactive shows perfect photos and video.

You can download AllPepole video merger at Appstore: