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How to terminate the DRM protection of iTunes music

Most of the files purchased from iTunes Store are DRM protected i.e. you can play them only on specific devices and computers. You cannot use the DRM protected files on any random computer or portable media player. And the music from iTunes store is usually either in MP4 or AAC format. This means all of the songs and videos you download from the iTunes store will only work on your iPod. If you want them on another MP3 player or Sony PSP, you cannot do it unless you transfer the files to MP3 format.


How to remove DRM from iTunes music?

As we known, Apple only allowed for new sales of iTunes Plus content without providing a cost-reduced upgrade path. That said, downloading upgraded DRM-free, 256K songs cost 30¢ each, about one-third the 99¢ price of a track purchased a la carte.

Although most people are not particularly happy about having to pay another 30¢ each for songs they already “owned” is there any other resolution? Yes, you get the right place! Today I would like to introduce one more easier and faster method to put iTunes music to mp3 player.

What you need is just iTunes and this DRM Removal Program – My Video Converter. You can download here for iTunes and My Video Converter.

Here is the step by step tutorial for the program:

Step 1: Free download video Converter install and run it.

Step 2: when come to the main interface, you can directly drag-drop target music file to the conversion window, or click the ‘Load File’ button to import the target files.

Step 3: Choose the format you’d like to get. There is a list of output formats. If you want to edit them in Windows Movie Maker, I recommend you to select MP3 or WAV.

Step 4: And then click the Converter button, and the DRM removing process is beginning. After a while, the files are DRM-ripped. You can view your converted files by press the browse button.

Step 5: After conversion, now we can transfer the converted songs to your mp3 player. The non-DRM music can be transferred to another MP3 player easily. Also you can use mobile transfer to achieve the music Trans, if you want to put it in your mobile device.

Thanks for viewing this guide of transfer iTunes music to mp3. Now, let’s enjoy our clear music & videos in your mp3 player or other portable player freely and have a wonderful life.

The program also can help you convert other media files from website or mobile device. Use AllPepole video converter, you will find it is so easy to convert media files, especially for mobile device, want to know more at http://www.allpepole.com. If you are using iTunes, you can download at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-videoconverter-pro/id871073188?mt=12


Application of Video Converter

Recently, more and more extensive application of video converter, video converter functions including then what? Professional video conversion software, its main function is to convert the video. So since it is a professional video converter, it must meet the requirements of support all formats conversion. We use My Video Converter as an example; introduce professional video conversion software function.

First, and most important functions, support all media format conversion. My Video Converter support input formats including video format, audio format and image format.

Video formats including: 3G2, 3GP, ASF, ASX, AVI, DAT, DivX, DRM, DV, FLV, H.264, M4V, MKV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPE, MPEG (MPEG1, MPEG2), MPG and so on, at present on the network for all video formats in support.

Audio formats including: AAC, AC3, APE, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MKA, MP2, MP3, MPA, OGG, WAV, WMA etc.

DVD also supports the format conversion and image format conversion.

Support the entire output format:

All types of video conversion to MP4, 3GP, MPG, AVI, WMV, FLV, SWF etc.;

All types of audio conversion to MP3, WMA, AMR, OGG, AAC, WAV etc.;

All types of image conversion to JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, ICO, GIF, TGA etc.;

Secondly, the conversion of high quality, high switching speed, can save more time for the user.

Third, support for media format batch conversion, you can also convert multiple video files

Fourth, the user interface is simple and clear, all of the features at a glance, even new users do not need to spend extra time to learn how to use.

Fifth, support for all media file format directly to mobile devices such as mobile phone. For those who like the mobile phone, MP4, PSP or other handheld devices to watch video users, often encounter some not broadcast the video format, this time you will think you need to convert video into video format to use video conversion software, so how to find a suitable for their own use video conversion tool?

My Video Converter is the best choice for you. Because it can satisfy you directly to the media format conversion to the phone, we don’t need to know the format of the input file and the output file format, only need to directly select our mobile device type in the output tab, click the “Converter All” button.

You can enjoy the best video converter

Video converter can realize fast adaptation function data fast identification and network. This converter allows customers to use in all kinds of system, such as the Windows version of XP, Vista or Windows 7, and the developers specifically developed for Mac user version, at the same time the IOS version of the video converter can also be found in the APP Store. The converter is used by free of charge to provide the best experience for the user, so that customers can enjoy the special features the best video converter brings. Because of its amazing conversion speed, you can save a few times.

In addition, the converter can make the user feel fast, efficient and accurate video conversion effect. Customers can use this video converter, they would like to convert the video in various formats such as AVI, MP4, MPG and other important format video watch. Due to the reliable performance, My Videoconverter, can guarantee the best quality conversion.

Because it can adapt to the format characteristics of customer needs as soon as possible, can flow freely convert the video, speed and quality are better than other video converter. Customers can enjoy a variety of formats to iPod and other external devices video. Customers can enjoy the best video format converter.

Found the best video conversion tool

You need a free video downloader and converter, My Video converter gives you a powerful platform to manage videos and take them with you wherever you go.

Maybe you will ask, why I need it? Today, six billion hours of video are watched every month on webpages, so it’s probably fair to say we’re a little obsessed with online video. But if you want to transfer your favourite videos to your device, watch offline or convert them to different formats, you need video conversion tool.

This handy tool lets you download videos from the world’s most popular video websites, then convert them to a range of formats – ideal for when you’re travelling to areas with patchy internet reception but still want to tune in. In fact, there are so many conversion options available (including AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, MPG, MP4, PSP, 3GP and more) that you should be able to play your videos on pretty much any device.

You can also burn videos to DVDs ready for TV viewing, while there’s a screen recorder for when you want to keep a record of video conferences and group calls.

Key features:

First: Convert audio, video, music, voice and other media formats

Second: Over 160 conversion formats

Third: Converts different types of target format files

Forth: Supports cross-platform multi-device as Windows and Mac platforms, iOS for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android devices and Symbian system equipment

Fifth: Convert VCD or DVD to any format media file, supports converting output to: VCD, DVD, projector, Apple TV, and all major TV and video devices

Sixth: HD player: Can check quality before converting

Seventh: When playing a video file by a key the My Player can achieve instant snapshots to get the classic picture look.

Eighth: Quick and easy way to download audio, video, voice, pictures and other multimedia files , for example YouTube, hulu, VEVO, AOL, videobash, vimeo

My Video Converter is a powerful video conversion tool, which not only supports converting video files, and also supports converting audio files and voice. Download the installation process is very simple, so you do not have to worry about takes you much time. When you first use it, you will find that his interface is very clear and simple, so that we do not charge too much time you can easily learn how to use it.

Video is converted to MP4 format

Digital camera MTS format can be converted to MP4 files to HD? This problem bothers many DV users, although often play outside shooting a lot of HD video, but often can only be stored in the computer is very difficult to have the time to go back to the good time. Now have a large screen intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, can support the playback of HD video files, why not save the MTS format conversion MP4 HD files whenever and wherever possible, into the mobile phone or tablet of appreciation? Want to quickly finish the process of converting MTS format Hd Mp4 document, we first find a simple tool to help, download the My Video Converter, you can easily achieve the conversion HD MTS format file processing.

First on the HD MTS format file conversion using, keep the quality definition is probably the most user concerns, MTS format playback picture is very clear, once after conversion treatment if the picture becomes ambiguous to watch Lost HD video significance, so everyone in the choice of MTS format conversion software particularly cautious. Secondly, hands-on experience of the MTS format conversion users will find, may also take some extra demand MTS format conversion process, such as merge multiple MTS format video screen to screen; turnover; with some interesting words and so on, if every need and want to use a tool to realize, that we have to prepare many tools is enough, not to mention every tool to learn entry time is necessary, not too much trouble? If the hands of the MTS format conversion software is powerful, able to meet the needs of various presumably is very convenient. My Video Converter software as a professional MTS format conversion processing tool, the output video quality and reliable, providing abundant function, simple operation has become the network popular MTS format conversion tool. Through the software to complete the MTS format conversion MP4 HD files are easy to all DV users.