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How to captured immediately the classic picture when the movie is playing

Each film has its own unique, either classic screen, giving a feeling of bright spots, so we were shocked when we saw it; or that there are some very classic lines, it is easy to touch corner of our hearts, to give us a feeling of experiencing Concert. Whenever this time, we have an impulse to record these pictures and these lines. But time is the classic picture appears always short, classic lines are always fleeting, it is difficult to capture this point, or it is going to take a long time to find it.

However, at present there is a software called My Player developed by AllPepole company lets you achieve instant capture while you are watching movies, as long as you gently finger, you can instantly take the picture that you consider it’s classic, record the whole movie classic lines .

Not only that, if you really like a movie star, you can shoot his classic picture every movie or classic facial expressions, movements etc, while you are watching his films. My Player will store these pictures in the same file within . Then the next thing will make you more surprise., you can use free media player to edit these images, according to the order you like to play these pictures are arranged in the form of slides or animation play out, it is the equivalent of a compilation. I think this is why there are so many album of movie stars online! Have a media player classic download, you can also edit your favorite movie star of the album now!

My Player only has these features, you have the following features:

1, support all media formats, such as audio \ video, pictures, etc.;

All file formats can be used to open the My Player, including music, video, pictures, etc., do not need to convert the format on the line

2, when playing video files a key to achieve instant snapshots, to get the classic picture;

3, edit favorite pictures animation;

You can be your favorite picture to order their favorite form of animation play out

4, merging voice, audio, video, and pictures, audio and video files generated to add dynamic beautiful picture;

After editing your favorite pictures animation, you can also give animations. That means you can record your own audio files, and then merge these two files together, then an impressive picture of the album came out it; of course if it is their recorded video files can also be a way to merge it with the voice of

5, in order to highlight the picture wall in the form of all pictures;

All pictures can be displayed in the form of a wall of pictures, each picture is the protagonist

6, in the touch mode and drag the picture show

my player


My Player is the Next Big Thing in Media Player Applications

Do you have any problems about open video files ?Have you ever find yourself in a situation wherein your family or friend sent you an audio file or video file, or maybe you were on a website, you downloaded an audio file or video file, and when you clicked on it, Windows told you “The selected file is not a supported format”?

Do not worry because My Player is to the rescue. My Player is an open-source, free, cross-platform media player. My Player is capable of network streaming and all kinds of multi-cast capabilities but for the average user, you’re probably just going to use it as a media player but it serves as a wonderful light-weight media player application that will play just about everything as far as audio and video files are concerned.

Go ahead and look for Media Player’s professional and user reviews, which will astonish you because they are all fantastic. This is probably due to the lightweight, straightforward and clean looking interface. You will also notice that this software will literally open just about every media file in existence.

My Player is an open-source application granting everybody an access to perform tweaks on the program, My Player is updated frequently which significantly improves its performance and security issues every time. Because of the open-source efforts, My Player is able to play pretty much every media file. A lot of times when we watched or downloaded video on the web, we had to worry about several codecs or several video formats which, plenty of times, requires extra software to be installed. The beauty of the My media player is that there is very little, if any, software that needs to be installed in order to watch just about every kind of video out there today.

When you download your own copy of free Media Player, you will get a rather simple media player, but do not be fooled. My media player is as comprehensive, if not more, as any media player out there that costs 30 dollars or so. Additional controls are perfectly seamed in its menu bar and you may custom how your Media Players looks by playing around with its preference settings.

My Player support  all media formats, such as audio, video, voice, and pictures,

MY PLAYER support