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Good compatibility and simple operation video merger

Video merge software, by definition, they will think only merge video, and its implementation is currently a lot of video merge software also can merge image and audio, multiple video merge into one video, but also video and pictures, and audio mixing can be merged. So what kind of video merge software is best to use? Video compatibility, simple operation, many people believe that these conditions will be mentioned. Today, I will introduce such a merger can only merge video, but also the ability to merge pictures and audio powerful video merge software, let us work together to witness this video merge software charm.

First, import the pending merger of video, audio and pictures

After downloading and installing the video merge software, open software, clear software interface makes people feel good, the software is divided into four sections, to realize the video merger, plus the corresponding file in the appropriate section, as in the video section to add video, add audio at audio segment, the image plate to add pictures, add complete, free click join files, you can achieve video, pictures and audio preview. The video merge software has excellent codec and supports various formats of video, image and audio merger, such as flv video merge, etc., is compatible with a very high degree.

Secondly, use of video editing functions

As a good integrated audio and video merge software, this software also simple video editing features, in video, image preview process, click on the pause, you can add video overlay text, superimposed watermark, stacking frames, adjust text size and the position of the border, and so on.

Thirdly, adjust the video merge order

After finished importing and editing video, audio and picture, the need for consolidation of the resulting video sequence of video adjustments, add video, delete video and other operations, set finished, select the output path, click on the merger began to merge video.

While it is simple to operate, but it merge video quality is very commendable. Mac APP Store Download:


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The reason of media merge software generated

Now the network about the multimedia broadcast and multimedia editing software has very much, but on the multimedia merge software market has just begun, I believe that soon it will be the pursuit of the most fiery software market. Why do you say that the software will become a trend, why R & D personnel to the development of such software, the market again in where? Here I will talk about my own views.

In my opinion, the reason why the developers of software R & D personnel, is mainly because the market has just opened, and in the market demand increases gradually, many personnel are needed for this. But now on the market, most have the functions of the software are not merged with multimedia as the focus, but as one of the small module. But now there are many ordinary small users, they need only to this function, and does not need too many other functions. At the time of the purchase, the more functions of a software, the corresponding cost will be much more sure. This will lead to some small users will need to give up the use of, or spend more money to buy some unnecessary functions. This is the R & D personnel will cause the function of independent research and development. Suitable all people to use, to create the cheapest multimedia merge software.

For that a market, trust exists is reasonable. Customers who just need this function will choose this professional multimedia merge software. The second is some small stores, shops, commercials they can use the software to make his shop, making is simple and fast, they will surely choose the simple application of the media with software. Of course, now the market has begun to mature, and the company has provided media merge software for Mac and multimedia merge for IOS.