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How to merge different images and audio into one video

In today’s information era, almost all digital devices can support photographs, so our mobile phone, camera or computer often stores a lot of beautiful photos, some friends photos, some may be in daily life, or carefully photographed art photos. Will those records unruly youth photos video, we leave the memories will become the most unique way. How to make use of video pictures, as the new users, a simple and exquisite degree of software is essential to ensure! Open the AllPepole video merger, through the “add photos” button; we can put all the photos into the software. Click on the picture, preview, when in the process of previewing, we can add text or description on the picture, drag the position of text etc..

Silent pictures showing may lost the number of color, it is a video album with beautiful music, can choose any audio format as background music. Click to add audio, audio software according to the length of time to automatically match the picture display time, then add background music, select the output path, easy to see after the completion of the merger. After the completion, click on the Merger, with about a few minutes, in the process, we can do something else on the Internet, wait for the video album merged.

When AllPepole video merger showed that the conversion is successful, will pop up a dialog box prompts you to preview, please click on the video to watch the video album effect!

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How to create exquisite video files

Along with the network popularization, many Internet users are like to make creative video or text on the web, to attract more people’s attention. But to design or shoot their own video is very difficult, sometimes cannot find good material, sometimes influenced by environmental equipment limitations, or you need to spend a lot of cost. This for the average Internet user is not a simple thing, then what good method, can not only make good video, but also can save cost? You can clip the classic video, and then use video merger combined into a new video.

Only video cutting software and video merger needed to complete the merge and video clips, now there are a lot of free video merge software, but which video combine tool is best to use?

“My Merge” is a powerful video combiner. You can quickly and easily combine all AVI, MPEG file type; support merge preview; audio quality is high; support silent AVI files; support picture merge; support audio merging; support add background music to pictures and video. The main features include the following:

1, simple operation, easy to use: don’t have to spend too much time in the study of how to use it, can easily use, interface clear, let people stick out a mile;

2, the use of advanced coding technology: AllPepole technology developers tests several times, rely on the most advanced coding technology;

3, a high audio quality: support high quality audio output ;

4, support the merger Preview: prior to the merger, you can preview the video and music files;

5, support combine multiple files at the same time: support media file batch merging, can also merge video, music and picture files, can also merge a file type, and may simultaneously merge the three file types;

6, support silent AVI files ;

7, support the current merger, common video formats including AVI, JPG, MP3, MP4 etc. with hundreds of format.

My Media Merge has become the right-hand man; it is small of DV lovers and video chat lovers. Simple operation, easy to use, has simple interface, various functions of stick out a mile! And the function is outstanding in the same software, allows users to always can make excellent video show!

Media merge from AllPepole

Because the software updating, about a month’s time can not download. In our technical staff’s efforts, and now I can finally use. My Merge is a powerful multimedia combined  software. When you see this software interface you should know how to use. With the multimedia merge software to support a variety of formats, can make a picture, video, audio, in two, or even three, can be combined with. In order to beautiful appearance and distinguish between different media file, we add a different pattern on the above icon.

media merge software

media merge software

In order to quickly find the merged file location, select the save path before merging. That is, at the bottom left of the interface can be see. This interface can’t see how to adjust the merge order, here to tell you, before the merger, will let us choose with what documents, check the order is to merge order, do not forget oh! In order to more profound memory, now try it!  www.allpepole.com

How to get your shop to get more people’s attention

Work is a state, it is the norm. Our job is to make a living, which is also integrated into the life. Now most of us are worry about the sales of our own shop, worry no attention to our shop. Every day we do store promotion, every day we are also considering how to do better in our promotional efforts to attract more customers to the store to consulting even buy. At present there are many ways to promote the shop, including leaflets, advertising, promotions and other activities. However, most of the promotion asks more human and material resources as a basis, then here we recommend a method to promote ask less time and effort: the use of Media Merger software, to produce your own advertising and publishing share.

Might a lot of friends have a doubt, and say why you want to recommend this way to  promote our store, and many of us do not know how to do ah? So then I would analyze the benefits of doing this:

First: This can save more money.

Because this is a free promotion methods, each person has their own circle of friends, we just need to make our own advertising video and publish to various community sites on the line. This will allow a lot of people know our shops and products.

Second: so you can save more time.

Why can save time? We all know that the Internet has been very widely used, and there is no time and geographical restrictions on the Internet, and even our ads can be published to the world. Thus, we only need to upload a video, you can achieve a key share. Save a lot of times. And as long as the video which is took by ourselves is attractive, there are a lot of people will be free to help us to share the video, to help us do publicity.

Third: the operation is convenient.

As long as we have a computer, or mobile phone, only need to be able to achieve your fingertips, you can share your ads. Whether in walking, or in the car, or listening to music, we can all share. Share anywhere.

Fourth: save more manpower and material resources.

Such publicity, we only need to shoot and make a video ,with a computer or mobile phone can publish and share the advertising, do not need the extra stuff we use. So we do not need to hire more staff to publicity, nor do you need to buy something else, such as a scene layout.

Here, many of friends have begun to agree with this promotion way, but do not know how to do that, here recommend a software can achieve this requirement, that is a media merger software developed by AllPepole, called My Merger. It can not only realize the video merge, but also can combine store product images, then add your own product introductions, play out in the form of videos, form our store product promotional video. If you want to learn more about using My Merger to attract more attention and increase store sales, please click here.