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How to realize data transmission between iPhone

The current iPhone user experience degree increasing, the use of iPhone series of products has become a kind of fashion. But the iPhone series products are almost only support Related Companies R & D products, and even calls sounds no ordinary mobile phone users is so simple, so the problem of data transmission between the mobile phone is more obvious. So, iPhone mobile phone users they are how to realize the data transmission between the mobile phone? There are only two ways to use at present most.

The first: use iTunes to realize data transmission

This is the first use of iPhone mobile phone users, the most often used method. If you have an iTunes, you can fist sync all the files in your apple iPhone to iTunes and then transfer the files from iTunes to iPad. However, iTunes can certainly just support quite a few video formats including MOV, M4V, MP4, and so on.

Second: the use of mobile data transmission software

This is a popular method in recent years, and in the future, most people will realize it is the best way for iPhone data transmission. An mobile transfer can certainly assist you to directly transfer files from IPhone to iPad. Unlike iTunes, it can directly transfer single or simply many files from device to device. Also, it offers you uncomplicated built-in video editor to alter the view prior to the transfer. All kinds of video files can be changed into the apple iPad supported format while you transferring it to your apple iPad.

Next, let’s look into the best way to transfer IPhone to iPad utilizing this type of software.

Connect Apple iPhone plus apple iPad to your computer along with USB cable. And then this mobile transfer will probably quickly detect the devices plus show all the information on the left list.

Choose the files you intend to transfer from iPhone to iPad in iPhone’s file library. For instance, press “video” library plus all the files might be shown on the interface and you can pick the files you want to transfer from iPhone to iPad.

-After you’ve chosen all the files you want to transfer from iPhone to iPad Free Web Content, you can click the “Transfer files from device to device” button to transfer from iPhone to iPad.