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How to choose the mobile transfer software

In the usual life, when you find an very good application software in your friends’ mobile phone, did you want to have one? When you view the mobile phone application, due to too many projects, whether or not you see things in a blur? Perhaps this time you will start to think, what method can let you easily to edit your device, is there a software can easily copy the application from one device to another device. This is what you choose to use mobile transfer software began.

An professional mobile swap must have the following functions. First, can exchange the file between mobile devices and computer selectively, or between one mobile device and other mobile device;

Second, can exchange user content in different operating system, such as IOS system and Android system;

Third, you can quickly view, edit the contents of the device, including add or delete media files, install and uninstall software;

Fourth, edit mail list and the content of the message, edit the mail list, change the contact name and telephone, delete information;

Fifth, file backup. Here not only includes the mail list and information, but also including backup media file.

The above is a good mobile swap software required functions. If you are lucky enough to find an mobile transfer software with these features, you can choose the first probation for a period of time, after the free trial, you choose whether or not to buy. Don’t worry about not trial, now many mobile swap shop have offer a 30 day free trial.