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Android mobile phone how to transfer files

Now the function of mobile phone is more and more, people usually take more and more time with it, the direct result is the shorter life of mobile phone. Exaggeration to say, now change for mobile phone is frequency faster than change clothes. But every time we replace a new mobile phone, will be faced with how easily the old mobile phone data transfer to the new mobile phone, especially communication is stored in the mobile phone on the book, SMS, call logs and photos and other information, these data are indispensable to our daily life. According to the traditional method to copy it, are all to a new mobile phone, is definitely a big project, in order to simplify the process, we need to find a good mobile phone data transfer tool for having heard it many times, it is the use of Bluetooth data transmission. Then we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the use of Bluetooth mobile phone data.

As the most traditional way, the application of Bluetooth in Android was more extensive, in addition to mobile phone or mobile phone to transfer some of PC content, the application of Bluetooth is also widely to peripherals, the user can through the Bluetooth pairing Android mobile phone keyboard, mouse and even Bluetooth watches, is relatively easy to use, but as the transmission function of the traditional Bluetooth application, or more trouble.

Bluetooth has basically everyone know, Bluetooth can be said to be the most basic transmission modes in the transmission, Bluetooth, mobile phone needs to be paired Bluetooth transmission distance, depending on the situation, but for close share, Bluetooth application limit is still relatively small, most of the content to share the use of Bluetooth support. Another big advantage is that support Bluetooth connection device, which we have just mentioned.

Finished the merits about the disadvantages, Bluetooth is the point to point transmission, sharing the use of Bluetooth can only between two devices, this can be regarded as the biggest disadvantage of Bluetooth, Bluetooth and the transmission speed is limited, the development of Bluetooth transmission speed is obviously cannot keep up the growth rate of capacity of the medium, gradually Bluetooth also may gradually be eliminated. After all, with the data in the mobile phone is more and more big, the Bluetooth is only suitable for small data transmission, when large data transmission of Bluetooth, slowly, then we must find another suitable tool for large data transfer tool.


Mobile phone data transfer software


Every time we get a new phone, will face a happy trouble, that is how to conveniently to transfer your old phone data to a new phone, after all, mobile phone contacts, text messages, call records, photos, music and other data to our daily life is too important.

If you must consolidate one by one, derived it, and then backup, then store into the new machine, it will waste our time. As lazy dead star, natural looking for support! My MobileSwap provided by AllPepole is a super easy to use, and it is the Android mobile phone data free transfer tool, it without networking, directly transfer data between the two sets of Android mobile phone easily! Now supports mail list (contact), transfer messages, pictures, music, video and other data.

AllPepole provides this mobile phone data transfer software is a wonderful application, its biggest feature is the “zero discharge” provides a mobile phone data transfer function, you do not need networking, do not need to plug a phone card, do not have to spend flow, as long as the two mobile phone connected to the computer, you can transfer data between them. Without mobile phone data backup to the computer, the computer acts as a software operating platform, data transfer between the mobile phone only.

After running the software, connect two mobile phones to the computer. When the connection is successful, the software will automatically read the files in mobile phone, and classification. Choose to transfer files directly onto the area drag to another mobile phone to achieve phone data transfer. In the file selection, here provides function select all. If the file number of the need to transfer is larger than the number of reserved file, can choose to select all and then cancel does not need to transfer files. Method of use:

Download and install the mobile data transfer software, and run;

Two mobile phone linked to the computer, and matching the links and software;

According to their own need to choose to transfer data;

Drag to transfer files to receive mobile phone;

Just wait for a while to complete transmission!

My MobileSwap now can help users achieve contacts (address book), text messages, pictures, videos, music and other types of data transfer, covering the information content required to transfer the user to replace the new phone. For the lazy, this is indeed a very good solution! In need of friends can have a try.

My Mobile Swap can fast backup mobile device files

The mobile swap not only can transmit messages, call records, photographs, music, video and application, but also supports cross system data transmission. Mobile transfer can exchange data between Android, Symbian and IOS. With one click, you can directly transmit data between the two cell phones.


Key Features of mobile transfer for Windows:

Fast backup mobile device files

After lost mobile phone, many of us are not upset about mobile phone is away, but sad about can never get back the files on the mobile phone. After you have the mobile switching equipment, you no longer have to regret to such things. This mobile conversion software can help you quickly achieve file backup. You don’t have to worry about your files cannot be backed up, because as long as you can view the file on the mobile phone, this software can back up  all the files to  computer or the clouds.

Easily interchange media files

This mobile transfer software lets you transfer videos, music and photos to from mobile device to Windows and Windows to mobile device easily. Now people replace mobile phone equipment very quickly as soon as the new mobile phone is coming out. Replacing mobile phone is easy, but transferring mobile phone data is not convenient. Memorable photos and wonderful videos, My Mobile Swap can help you achieve transmission by a key. You don’t have to worry about your photos or videos disappeared. With My Mobile Swap, you could transfer your favored movies, songs and photos from Windows to Samsung.

Free exchange of user content

On your mobile phone, whether there is a application that you like it very much, you want to share with your friends? When you download the wonderful video, do you want to share it with friends? Whether to meet the transmission problems that the file is too large to exchange? These will let you feel a trace of regret? The use of mobile transfer, you can share your mobile device content with other devices rapidly. Whether the video file, or audio files, you can also select multiple files at the same time, upload to other mobile devices.

All kinds of android device support

Support transferring music, videos and photos from Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Sony

Find your file as quickly as possible

This mobile transmission tool helps to quick search the file you look for in a short time.

Intuitive device information

After your mobile phone is connected with Mac, the device info such as picture, type, capacity, version, etc. will be displayed in the program interface.

User friendly interface

The simple interface is easy to use for both novice and experienced users.

Article source: http://www.allpepole.com/tipAll_In_one_mobile_transfer-77-1-185.html

How to realize data transmission between iPhone

The current iPhone user experience degree increasing, the use of iPhone series of products has become a kind of fashion. But the iPhone series products are almost only support Related Companies R & D products, and even calls sounds no ordinary mobile phone users is so simple, so the problem of data transmission between the mobile phone is more obvious. So, iPhone mobile phone users they are how to realize the data transmission between the mobile phone? There are only two ways to use at present most.

The first: use iTunes to realize data transmission

This is the first use of iPhone mobile phone users, the most often used method. If you have an iTunes, you can fist sync all the files in your apple iPhone to iTunes and then transfer the files from iTunes to iPad. However, iTunes can certainly just support quite a few video formats including MOV, M4V, MP4, and so on.

Second: the use of mobile data transmission software

This is a popular method in recent years, and in the future, most people will realize it is the best way for iPhone data transmission. An mobile transfer can certainly assist you to directly transfer files from IPhone to iPad. Unlike iTunes, it can directly transfer single or simply many files from device to device. Also, it offers you uncomplicated built-in video editor to alter the view prior to the transfer. All kinds of video files can be changed into the apple iPad supported format while you transferring it to your apple iPad.

Next, let’s look into the best way to transfer IPhone to iPad utilizing this type of software.

Connect Apple iPhone plus apple iPad to your computer along with USB cable. And then this mobile transfer will probably quickly detect the devices plus show all the information on the left list.

Choose the files you intend to transfer from iPhone to iPad in iPhone’s file library. For instance, press “video” library plus all the files might be shown on the interface and you can pick the files you want to transfer from iPhone to iPad.

-After you’ve chosen all the files you want to transfer from iPhone to iPad Free Web Content, you can click the “Transfer files from device to device” button to transfer from iPhone to iPad.

Mobile phone data transfer tool

When changing phones. Sure some carriers will back up your contacts, but what about the rest of your important data? Apps, photos, videos, chat histories and more constitute an important part of why your smartphone is smart.

This problem can be further compounded if you need to migrate from one carrier to another when changing phones. Thankfully there are software utilities available to the end user that can bridge the gap between what the carriers are willing to do for you, and what you need to have done.

Do you like to have a secure backup of your phone data? There can be numerous reasons why you may want to back up your phone beyond what the typical manufacturer software provides. Whether you want to know for certain all of your data is available if your phone crashes, or you need to shuffle files back and forth because of space limitations, AllPepole mobile transfer makes the process easy.

Use AllPepole mobile transfer, third party software allows for a seamless transfer. If you don’t have expert-level experience to know where Apple or Android devices store files, applications, and chat histories on your phone, don’t panic. My Mobile swap simplifies getting the files and in some cases apps you need from one phone to another.

How to choose the mobile transfer software

In the usual life, when you find an very good application software in your friends’ mobile phone, did you want to have one? When you view the mobile phone application, due to too many projects, whether or not you see things in a blur? Perhaps this time you will start to think, what method can let you easily to edit your device, is there a software can easily copy the application from one device to another device. This is what you choose to use mobile transfer software began.

An professional mobile swap must have the following functions. First, can exchange the file between mobile devices and computer selectively, or between one mobile device and other mobile device;

Second, can exchange user content in different operating system, such as IOS system and Android system;

Third, you can quickly view, edit the contents of the device, including add or delete media files, install and uninstall software;

Fourth, edit mail list and the content of the message, edit the mail list, change the contact name and telephone, delete information;

Fifth, file backup. Here not only includes the mail list and information, but also including backup media file.

The above is a good mobile swap software required functions. If you are lucky enough to find an mobile transfer software with these features, you can choose the first probation for a period of time, after the free trial, you choose whether or not to buy. Don’t worry about not trial, now many mobile swap shop have offer a 30 day free trial.