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When you need for mobile data transmission software

As we all know, the mobile data transmission is to transfer or copy your phone data to another mobile phone. When it comes to this function, our first thought is the Bluetooth. But now the use of Bluetooth have become very little, because it is not only slow, but also there are limitations of transmit file type. In addition to Bluetooth data transmission, we usually used are Wi-Fi, usually can use the Wi-Fi connection between the mobile phone and PC, two sets of equipment in the same Wi-Fi environment can be synchronized, the synchronization process. Android system does not support, need to use third party tools.

In the process of data transmission in mobile phone, do you think the MMS is too costly; open the Bluetooth good trouble, mail is slow. Then, all you need is a paragraph does not flow, speed, mobile data transmission tool has the advantages of simple operation. Now transfer software is particularly much, you want to find suitable mobile transfer software for yourself? The Android mobile phone transmission software provided by AllPepole here for you, as to how the effect, we first have a look profile.

When you want to transfer data to another phone, the AllPepole mobiletrans is the best choice for you; when you need to replace the new phone, all mobile phone file is transferred to a new phone, the AllPepole mobiletrans is a necessary tool for you to replace the phone; when you want to import contacts and mobile phone messages, AllPepole mobiletrans is your best helper.

AllPepole mobiletrans is a simple and practical mobile data transfer tool, you can transfer phone contacts, information, pictures, videos and music files to each other, making the file transmission become more humanization, more convenient and more efficient. At the same time, the software provides the intelligent classification of documents, document browsing, video, music, pictures, mobile phone contacts, text messages, click to read, easy to use.

The use of the mobile phone data transmission software, only between a few simple steps can achieve file transfer between two mobile phones. First, of course, is also the most important preparation work, you need to download mobile data transmission software installed on your computer frequently used. Download Mobile data transmission software provided by AllPepole, you can go to AllPepole official website (http://www.allpepole.com/), download and then install it.

Next, you need to connect your phone with the computer have installed the mobile transfer, to achieve mobile phone data match. Open the phone data transmission software, the software will be a different file information classification. Click on the copy or transfer the file type you want, select or drive to another mobile phone area, can achieve data transfer and copy.

Do you think the data transfer is much better than Bluetooth, looking at all feel very interesting, immediately download and try the transmission software!


The latest mobile phone data transmission software free download

We all know that you can transfer data from mobile phone by Bluetooth, which is currently being widely used method, but the face of big data, large software, Bluetooth will be difficult to meet our ever-changing needs of mobile data sharing, here to tell you a new approach: using the phone data transfer tool AllPepole offer!

AllPepole mobile transfer

AllPepole mobile transfer

AllPepole mobiletrans is an excellent tool for mobile data transmission and copy. Want to know whether there is simple way to help you from your old phone to transfer everything to a new phone? Including SMS, call history, photos, music, video and so on.

AllPepole mobiletrans is your ideal choice! Program supports more than 2000 kinds of mobile phone models more, including HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and other brands have provided more support! Program not only can transmit text messages, call history, photos, music, videos, and applications, but also supports transmission of data across systems, based on Android and Symbian system, move data between multiple mobile phones. With one click, you can transfer data directly between two phones, whether Android phones (HTC, Samsung, etc.), or Symbian (Nokia). Mobile data transfer tool AllPepole provided without loss of data, you can transfer any data selectively between two mobile phones, transfer directly from one phone to another phone.

Using mobile transfer tool provided by AllPepole makes file transfer more convenient, faster, more humane, at speeds up to 10M per second, which means that songs can be seconds pass Oh, the movie is a cinch, and without the phone traffic, no WiFi router.

AllPepole mobiletrans has the following characteristics:

  1. Zero flow speed transmission, the highest per 10M;
  2. Speed ​​spike Bluetooth;
  3. Support a variety of file types, photo albums, pictures, music, videos, and so on;
  4. Use humane, different types of files automatically archived;

What are you waiting? Come download it, the download address is:


Transfer Files between Phones in One-Click

The mobile transfer provided by AllPepole is a free service that transfers all of your old phone contacts to your new smartphone. After your contacts are transferred to your new smartphone, you can feel safe knowing that your contacts are protected by AllPepole. You can access all of your stored information at any time. Having an archived backup is a very useful in the event your phone is lost or stolen. Your backed-up information can be downloaded on to your replacement phone in only a few minutes.

AllPepole mobile transfer

AllPepole mobile transfer

Also if you want to move your phone data from old phone to a new one, you can use mobiletrans to achieve it. The AllPepole mobile transfer provides an easy and efficient way to transfer data from one phone to another. Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone couldn’t be easier with the help of MobileTrans. This phone to phone transfer lets you transfer up to 8 types of data (including contacts, messages, call history, calendar, photos, music, videos and apps) from one phone to another effortlessly.

How to transfer you data number from phone to phone? Step 1: Connect your current device to computer with a USB cable, and then backup your device using your old device’s data backup program.

Step 2: Launch the Samsung Smart Switch on your PC or Mac, and connect your new Galaxy phone to computer with a USB cable.

Step 3: Select your current device manufacturer or backup data folder.

Step 4: Choose the supported content that you want to transfer, and click the “Transfer” button.

Step 5: All selected content will be transferred immediately.

MobileTrans is specially developed for almost all users of different networks and devices including Samsung, HTC, Sony, HUAWEI, ZTE, Apple, Nokia, Google, LG, and Motorola. To use MobileTrans, go to the AllPepole website (http://www.allpepole.com) to download the software onto your computer, and then connect the two devices to your computer.

Also you can go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-merger-pro/id940336802?mt=12 to download other AllPepole software. Note that both phones must be connected at the same time, you can’t download the files from one phone and then connect your new phone at a later time. So if you’re planning to use MobileTrans, be sure not to sell your old phone before you get your new one.

MobileTrans: transfer, backup and restore

How long will you change your mobile phone? Do you know there are many things you need to do before switching phone? With the big phone manufactures releasing new smartphones every year, the time interval we switch to a new phone becomes more and more short. As one important part in our life, we usually use smartphone to make calls, send messages, listen to music, take pictures, play games, watch videos, etc. The smartphone just looks like a small computer which stores our important information in, so before switching, backup is a must, next is to transfer our old phone data to our new phone with mobile transfer tool.

Getting a new phone may remind you of the excitement you felt as a kid the first time you got a new bike (or other favorite toy). We may be thrilled at checking out the new features and discovering all the things the phone can do.

But the downside of getting a new phone is transferring your stuff. If you’re switching phones, you may cringe when you think of all that’s involved in getting your data from your current phone onto your new phone. All of your contacts, photos, apps, text messages, call logs, apps and more reside on your old phone. Getting them onto your new phone can be a challenge.

AllPepole MobileTrans works with Android and Symbian phones. That’s right, if you have an old Symbian phone that has information you’d like to move to your current phone, you can use MobileTrans to accomplish that task easily.

Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone couldn’t be easier with the help of MobileTrans. AllPepole MobileTrans Supports files:

Contact – Names, job titles, address, emails and phone numbers are all included.

Messages – Phone Transfer can transfer the sending dates and numbers of the messages.

Call logs – Phone numbers, durations and other information can all be moved with this tool. This is an important feature for Phone Transfer as call logs may be needed when in emergency.

Apps – What “apps” means are installation packages. Please note that the accounts and passwords will not be copied to the destination phone.

Photos – It would be very convenient to sync pictures in JPG, PNG and other formats to another handset.

Music – Sometimes you may need to have a beautiful song on two devices of your. If so, the tool can meet your demand perfectly. Most formats are supported, including MP3, MP4, RMVB, AAC, and so on.

Videos – Suppose you will buy a new phone, the videos recording the daily life of your family or beloved ones can be saved to it. The whole process is fast and easy.

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Transfer contacts from Phone to Phone

Do you want to transfer text messages, call logs from your old mobile phone to your new phone? Many people may just know how to transfer the pictures, music, videos one by one. Now, the MobileTrans can help you to transfer comprehensive content quickly, not just common media content like music, videos, photos, but also text messages, call log, app, etc.


Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone couldn’t be easier with the help of MobileTrans. This phone to phone transfer lets you transfer up to 8 types of data (including contacts, messages, call history, calendar, photos, music, videos and apps) from one phone to another effortlessly. For contact transfer, the job titles, email addresses, company names and more in the contacts will also be fully preserved.

MobileTrans is new software that can make that task much easier. With this software you can: get your stuff from one phone to another without hassles. You can also use it to transfer your data from one phone or tablet to another, also you can back up and restore the data on your phone/tablet in case it breaks or becomes lost or stolen, even erase the data from your phone/tablet before you sell it.

The mobile transfer provides an easy and efficient way to transfer data from one phone to another, and more than 3,000 phone devices based on iOS, Android and Symbian are supported by the software. In another word, the MobileTrans can help us transfer phone data between iPhone, Android phone, Nokia and BlackBerry phones. Besides 8 files types (contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, apps, music, videos and photos) can be transferred between mobile phones, we can restore the backed-up data to phone device when required.

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Transferring all important files from your old phone

When you are switching to a new phone, the first thing you need to do is transferring all important files from your old phone. However, the task is not so easy-handling. You should know that although some phone company can transfer contacts for you, all other files cannot be transferred at the same time.

Need a solution for transferring all data from phone to phone? Want to transfer photos, videos, contacts, SMS, apps and other files directly from android to iPhone? Phone To Phone Transfer is the useful tool you are looking for! Not only contacts transfer, also copy text messages, call log, photos, music, videos and apps between devices with one click. In addition, you are allowed to backup, recover and restore phone data to/from computer.

With the tool – AllPepole MobileTrans, you can easily transfer your contacts from your old phone to the new one. In addition to transfer contacts, MobileTrans also enables you to transfer other files including call logs, SMS, music, apps, calendar, video and photos in just one click.

When transfer contacts, all related information such as job title, company name and email address will all be added automatically.

You can always find the mobile transfer works since it supports more than 3,000 phones including Symbian, Android and iPhone (Fully compatible with iOS 8.2 ) , such as Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) / Note Edge/ Note 4 / S5 / S4, LG G3 / G Vista, HTC One M9 / M8 / M7 / E8, iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 etc.

As to network, no matter whether you are AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile, the tool works well through this entire network. During the process, there is no quality loss and your files will be kept without risk.

Erase Your Deleted Files: Since some deleted files can still be recovered before they are overwritten, the program can help you scan and erase all these deleted files easily.

Erase Your Existing Files: All existing files can be erased in just one click and they cannot be recovered even with a recovery tool!

Multiple devices available: data shift between multiple phones run Android, Symbian and iOS. Contract phones’ data transfer: Fully free and eased transfer from old phone to new in spite of different cellular carrier.

Full-scale data shift: email/home address, company name, job title etc. of contacts ; playlist, album info, lyric, singer introduction of music; photo stream, camera roll, album of photos

Works with over 2,000 phones including Droid, Symbian (Nokia), and all models of iPhone, including new iPhone 6,iPhone 5s,iPhone 5,iPhone 4s,iPhone 4.

Zero quality loss & risk-free: everything you transfer is 100% same as the original and can be only read by yourself.

AllPepole mobile transfer not only can transmit messages, call records, photographs, music, video and application, but also supports cross system data transmission. Mobile transfer can exchange data between Android, Symbian and IOS. With one click, you can directly transmit data between the two cell phones.

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