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Hands on with My VideoConverter, you will have a happy holiday

Holidays approaching, all the people are beginning to purchase new clothes, preparing holiday gifts for friends and family, planning where to travel. of course, the family holiday gatherings ultimately. This time, we will prepare a delicious meal, of course, some of the entertainment. If you are also thinking to host holiday party, then more essential is to watch home movies.

Well, at the same time the problem arises. Now that a wide range of electronic products come to our life, different products have different systems. Your family members are not using the same electronic product, and different electronic products also support only specific video encoder. So many good video can not be shared with our family members. This time you need a very good media converter.

Here I am happy to recommend you a full-featured media converter which supports different media formats, including audio, video, music, voice and so on. can freely convert media files, support for the 160 format conversion. And supports the mutual conversion between multiple devices across platforms, including Windows and Mac platforms, IOS and Android system equipment and Symbian. Use My VideoConverter can be more convenient and efficient  to achieve download audio, video, pictures and other multimedia files, video on YOUTUBE can easily download too.



The step of use My VideoConverter


Start My VideoConverter, click the LoadFile button to open the media file, click the central media file already open play flag, namely began to switch to playback function. The following diagram:



A) running My VideoConverter, open the audio and video files need to be converted;

B) respectively, select the output format, batch conversion; of course, you need to separate a file can be converted;

C) if you need to convert the high quality media file, select open file, click the options button, set the metadata, then click OK button.



When you need to download media files, click the My VideoConverter button click download, you need to download media provider’s Web site, you can search the expectations of your media files, and download.