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Universal media player software

My Player is a versatile media player software. It is a set of video playback, video production, animation editing and integration of powerful software. This is currently on the market the most complete function, the most powerful media player.

My Player video, animation function: media playback of My Player not only have a general, but also making themselves like animation, video. You can merge you like video clips, with their own love of music or voice, you can watch the video file.

My Player media player functions: to support all media format playback, including video, audio, voice and picture. Among the various file format support is diversity, video formats including MKV, MP4, MOD, ASF, DAT and dozens of kinds of formats, including pictures of the player is currently the most commonly used BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG etc..

With this media player software, is to have all the video player, music player and the picture to see the software, but also produce their own video, what are you waiting for, download it quickly!


How to get your shop to get more people’s attention

Work is a state, it is the norm. Our job is to make a living, which is also integrated into the life. Now most of us are worry about the sales of our own shop, worry no attention to our shop. Every day we do store promotion, every day we are also considering how to do better in our promotional efforts to attract more customers to the store to consulting even buy. At present there are many ways to promote the shop, including leaflets, advertising, promotions and other activities. However, most of the promotion asks more human and material resources as a basis, then here we recommend a method to promote ask less time and effort: the use of Media Merger software, to produce your own advertising and publishing share.

Might a lot of friends have a doubt, and say why you want to recommend this way to  promote our store, and many of us do not know how to do ah? So then I would analyze the benefits of doing this:

First: This can save more money.

Because this is a free promotion methods, each person has their own circle of friends, we just need to make our own advertising video and publish to various community sites on the line. This will allow a lot of people know our shops and products.

Second: so you can save more time.

Why can save time? We all know that the Internet has been very widely used, and there is no time and geographical restrictions on the Internet, and even our ads can be published to the world. Thus, we only need to upload a video, you can achieve a key share. Save a lot of times. And as long as the video which is took by ourselves is attractive, there are a lot of people will be free to help us to share the video, to help us do publicity.

Third: the operation is convenient.

As long as we have a computer, or mobile phone, only need to be able to achieve your fingertips, you can share your ads. Whether in walking, or in the car, or listening to music, we can all share. Share anywhere.

Fourth: save more manpower and material resources.

Such publicity, we only need to shoot and make a video ,with a computer or mobile phone can publish and share the advertising, do not need the extra stuff we use. So we do not need to hire more staff to publicity, nor do you need to buy something else, such as a scene layout.

Here, many of friends have begun to agree with this promotion way, but do not know how to do that, here recommend a software can achieve this requirement, that is a media merger software developed by AllPepole, called My Merger. It can not only realize the video merge, but also can combine store product images, then add your own product introductions, play out in the form of videos, form our store product promotional video. If you want to learn more about using My Merger to attract more attention and increase store sales, please click here.

Powerful media consolidation software

Book to use when we find it is so little, media consolidation software, only when we need to use we can discovered it is so hard to find! Now on the market, there is not many company doing media consolidation software, and many are still not known, and even a lot of people do not know the media merger-related software. Here to tell you a most full-featured media consolidation software at present,.

My Merger developed by AllPepole company is a media merger software, it is currently the most complete consolidation software. It fully functional because now a lot of media consolidation software can only merge a single picture or video, audio, and My Merger was able to combine different forms of documentation. A picture merge function only can make you feel shocked, then the next to tell us about the picture merge function:

  1. You can achieve mergering pictures and pictures

This function is relatively simple, and other software is different, it can simultaneously select multiple images to achieve volume consolidation, which gives our customers more time to save

  1. Pictures and video can merge

That to say it can insert pictures when playing videos. This can be achieved supplement the video, insert the drain screen shot. This function can also be realized in a special presentation of the main characters of the video, it can used to be a panoramic picture of the video supplement

  1. You can achieve the picture and audio merger

This function is a function of the greatest demand, and many other software currently can not achieve. Pictures and audio merger gives us more room, more widely applied. Using this feature, we can edit personal growth record, and coupled with your favorite music, or record your own audio files, to achieve the picture commentary; even at the wedding can be applied to obtain, use this feature, you can record from the new understanding to love, to tie the knot in the process, make the wedding scene even more moving.


This is a picture merge function only , you can also implement other consolidation methods:

  1. You can implement video and video merge

This feature allows us to be our favorite, paragraphs related videos together, make a file, easy to use and our view, with this feature, we ourselves can record a documentary or movie

  1. You can achieve the combined video and audio

This function is for us to record the silent video, we can own recording, the video resolution and explanation, or a voice-over, so that you can make some impressive media files, of course, where the audio files can also make your favorite Music

  1. enables audio and audio merger

Mainly used in production of the songs on skewers such audio files

  1. Allows video and audio, and pictures merge

That is to say it can merger different forms of media files together at present.