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Video conversion software

You download the AVI video format, can not play in the mobile phone, not to play on MP4? At this time you need video conversion software to convert AVI files to MP4 format file. To perform the simplest method this file conversion is to download a video and audio conversion software, will allow you to change the output file format, so you can use on other devices.

Download a you love video converter service. R & D of AllPepole video converter, it allows you to convert a series of huge video format. The method follows the video into AVI WMV basically unchanged. First of all, you need to install the software, the software can start after normal use. Select the form you want to perform the conversion. You don’t need to enter your source file format, only need to upload the source file into the software system, then choose how you want to convert it to MP4 format. After that, most of the software will ask you the name of the target file and determines that the directory of the file will be saved in the path of. Once the size and the function you specify, the software will begin the conversion process. The system will file format to another type of time will depend on the size of the file and the speed of your system. Once the conversion is completed, you will understand the same dialog help. You can check whether the file has been associated with a multimedia player helped transform. If you have a MAC and want to convert video to AVI in the MAC study, then the process is the same. The software video converter for Mac can be downloaded at the AllPepole Company. In the use of video converter, remember to turn off your screen saver, because it tends to slow the conversion rate and any other programs you run off, is not necessary.

My Video Converter provided by AllPepoleI can support best video conversion service hope that now you know how to convert video to AVI, the next time you encounter this kind of situation will not be at a loss what to do, when you download a song or movie file format is not compatible with your media player, you can use video conversion software.