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IPhone users how to share resources with other users

IPhone users are growing with each passing day; the design concept of everyone like apple mobile phone, the user experience is very good. However, iPhone users also have one of the most common questions, problems that the data transmission between the mobile phone. Although iPhone is a mobile device the best recognized it, it has a large number of features and functionality, which is the other mobile phone, cannot match. IPhone supported formats and other mobile phone is different, has system and the format of its independent, so this gives a lot of users has brought.

As ordinary mobile phone users, share songs, audio, video and picture is a common thing, but for the iPhone user is not so simple. Because the format problem, which cannot be shared with other users. But iPhone users might not have been no and other users to share resources, how do they do it? Now the most common application is video converter. First of all, they will change their media files to other formats through video converter, and then share it with other users.

So Is it right? All video converter supports iPhone format of the device, Is it right? All video converters can convert different types of media files? I think those who used APP users know, to achieve the support of all the media file type is not an easy thing. As far as I know, the conversion is now only AllPepole My Video Converter supports all formats.

My Video Converter supports different types of media files, such as audio, video and DVD format conversion, including video format support more than 50 kinds of input and output, including almost all current video formats; and audio file format also includes thirty kinds, the same thirty supporters in multiple formats of input and output. And high conversion efficiency, support batch conversion, can also through play and check the file quality before the conversion. For iPhone users, the use of this video converter is very convenient, because you can choose your mobile device directly in the conversion time; the system will automatically match your equipment.

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