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Good use of the video format converter

Because the network is more and more developed, now many users choose to download video converter from the network, but because of the common video conversion tool itself insufficient conversion technology, especially for the conversion process the video quality of the deal with the problem, often resulting in picture quality greatly reduced the phenomenon appeared in the process. Similar problems will directly lead to the converted video blurred, unable to clearly watch. In addition, the conversion of ordinary video converter supports a small format, unable to meet the needs of customers. So choose a real professional video format converter is very important. So here for everyone to recommend a conversion and clear picture quality, and support a variety of video format conversion of video editing tools, my video converter which is provided by AllPepole.

This paper will both user-friendly operation, fast conversion speed, but also can ensure the high quality of the video “my video converter” to introduce the reason, to introduce this, mainly is the hope can meet all the different needs. Here I will introduce specific steps.

The first step: add video files. Click on the “Load file” button, select the need to convert the video files, and add to wait for the conversion of video file list. If you need to convert the DVD file format, you can click on “Load DVD” button, add the DVD file format.

Step second: select the output format. According to the needs of the users themselves, convert the previously selected video into the appropriate format. My video converter can guarantee the quality of the original video is not destroyed, ensure high quality output. If you need to convert video files to IPhone and other mobile devices, you can select the output format of the left hand side of the software interface directly, which is based on the output of the equipment you need to determine the selection, consistent with your mobile device button, the system will automatically add video converted to the corresponding mobile device supported formats.

The third step: choose the output directory. Will eventually transform out video files stored in the selected folder directory, you need to determine the output directory before conversion. Click on the lower left corner of the interface file save address; change the current address for the output directory.

The fourth step: the immediate conversion. If the above steps set are complete, you can click on the “Converter” button to enter into the process of video conversion.

In order to download this video converter user can conveniently, AllPepole will have the software to upload to APPStore, download the address is as follows: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-videoconverter-pro/id871073188? Mt=12